Oh that, hahaha, it caught my interest because I play Pokemon hack games.


Hack and sleash are those games in which you are “your against the whole world” (DMC, Dynasty warrior, bayonetta) is more than all fights with swords and pistols


You mean like Red Alert?


I dont’t think so…that game is more It’s real-time strategy


I think I get the idea now, given the pics shown in google, not sure if I played such type of game before, cause most of the time, I only build clans/empires.

Edit: Thanks :slight_smile:


If that may be that already this genre already almost do not use it and its era of gold already happened (between 90 and 2000) but in my heart I know that someday they will use it again :sunglasses:


if you want to give a try you can play devil may cry serie


As much as I want to play, I’m not blessed with consoles, I can only play computer games that requires no payment.


well…looking side to side…you can dowload dmc 3 for computer for mediafire


Well, mechanically, if you found a game where everything is about chaining combos, dodging boss one-hit attacks, combining various moves, and badass music, it’s a “Hack and Slash” game.

It’s basically DMC, Dynasty/Orochi Warriors, and I think there’s some side-scrolling mobile games out there, but there’s too many of them that I don’t bother remembering it :thinking:

Edit: So, yep. Not hacking 1010111 matrix green binary code.


I separated it further to “spectacle fighters”( i.e dmc and platinum games) and “hack and slash” (i.e the musou games). Make it easier to recommend games to people. But that’s just me.


For hack’n’slash/spectacle fighters i recommend nier automata. Tied my game of the year so far.


yeah but I only have a ps3 so I have to conform with my dmc games and other hack and slash :persevere:

well “spectacle fighters” and “hack and slash” are almost the same since most use the same formula “you have to kill all these enemies with this useless stick and survive … if you can”

Well the truth some of the best songs of video games come from that genre (and the rest of RPG )


Love single player RPGs and some MMOs, but mostly I play online multiplayer games. I’d wager I’m the best CS:GO player on these forums :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone playing Unison League? My Avatars name is Venom Vixen if anyone’s interested.


Yep, I play Path of Exile. What you need? Some power levelling before add new patch? or some PoE currency? best poe currency I found with


Any of you byotiful people here play any of the Souls games (Bloodborne included)?


Haha, Bloodborne is the easiest game, it was so easy I am crying tears of joy remembering it, and definitely not tears of sadness because I tried so hard to kill the cleric beast but eventually gave up, then locked the game away in a place not known to any mortal… But yes, I have played it. Also played some Dark souls 1 and, well you could probably guess what happened.


It’s a steep learning curve ¯_(ツ)_/¯; in my opinion Bloodborne is the easiest of the bunch though…

(And the best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I have played all souls games from demons souls to bloodborne.