Actually, I think the ballooney-fuel one looks more like turkey or peacock when their tail is folded.
It’s fun shooting at 'em and see them suffering from the explosions of their own butt xD


I bit the bullet and decided to buy horizon. The guy in the shop said " it’s like far cry but far better" I generally trust this guy and he gave me a slight discount so i could afford it.


Well… the vibe is Far Cry-ish, he’s not that mistaken.
Colorful decorations, bow as primary weapon, and a weird, charismatic “bad-guy.”


It’s like Far Cry but with plot and characters I care about, enemies that keep you on your toes, and a manageable number of collectibles.

I do like Far Cry but the writing and world building were never its strong suit. The characters’ personalities are either non existent, or parody. The villains are usually the only ones I enjoy. Horizon has great characters with thought-out personalities, and I loved piecing together the mystery of why the world was the way it is.

And the weapons are much more fun. In Far Cry there are 4 slots and that’s really all I needed (grenade launcher side arm, sniper rifle, chain gun, and bow and arrow). In Horizon you can use elemental damage to exploit a machine’s weakness to make it explode and do AOE damage to its buddies, or turn them against each other, or hog tie a tough machine. I was constantly switching up my loadout depending on the challenge.

They have similarities but Horizon isn’t just Far Cry with a paint job.


Aaannnd IDK why no one has mentioned it, but you guys missed one obvious difference:

Farcry is 1st person, H:ZD is 3rd person.


Ok. Horizon is awesome. I love the enemy variation, weapon variation, its beautiful. Every machine feels like a threat if too many attack at once.


Damn Pathfinder: Kingmaker look really good. I cant wait til it come out next year


Just googled it. I dont know anything about pathfinder but i love isometric RPGS.


@Lightsavior: Me too, all I know is that it’s like D&D twin. But everything in their Kickstarted campaign seems to be right up my alley. Plus they have Chris Avellone, cant go wrong with Chris Avellone

OP: in other news, Darkest Dungeon’s new DLC is way too damn hard. Nerf please. Still fun as hell tho


Well, Ace Combat 7 does looks awesome!
As a fan of the series, I can’t stop rewatching the E3 trailer again and again :frowning_face:

Can I put… a gameplay vid… at here… ?
It’s hard to find a video of pro player that plays it. (And shows the true potential of an Arcade flight-sim)

Nah, here you go.


So Until Dawn is going to be free on Playstation Plus, yay! I’ve been hesitant about playing that game for a while since horror is traditionally not my cup of tea, but given it apparently does well with Choice and Consequence and is effectively a interactive teen horror film where I can try to protect or kill off Claire from Heroes or Grant Ward from Agents of SHIELD, it sounds fun, especially for a free game!

Oddly enough the other free game on PS Plus for PS4 is story driven which is Telltale’s Game of Thrones. Seems like they’re pushing story driven stuff a lot on there lately since both Tales from the Borderlands and Life is Strange have both been on in recent months.


I just 100% horizon. It is my first platinum and I’m glad I did it.


In 2 days?!

K. :pensive:

Edit: hehe :sweat_smile:


Same, I never bothered to platinum a game before. I usually get bored once the story is over.


By the time I finished the story (I did all side quests along the way) I only needed to trophies so I figured why not.


Just downloaded Slime Rancher again since they released a new update. The game is still super cute. That’s all, review over.

Man i kinda forgot about Necrobarista but I just remembered how much I want to play the game. It looks like something I would greatly enjoy. Probably a fair amount of people that frequent this little corner of the interweb will as well.


Can’t go wrong with some in-game screenshots now can I?


wow Now this is a thread that I like :sunglasses:, fps games are cool but my favorites are hack and slash and zombies games


What kind of hack games?


I believe he meant “hack and slash,” not those pseudo-binary-code-hacker 1010111

Edit: xP