I understand, but I have the only laptop in my house and unfortunately my Little *ahem ‘Cousin’ wants to play it so I have been mulling it over all day and eventually led myself to asking the Forum Followers (yes, that nickname is sticking! cant stop it now!) so yeah, thanks pal.


I recommend dragon fable.


I am. Didn’t realize that the skill tree was as big as it was until I got the first typhon power. Oh man was that a surprise. I only bought it because I played the first hour in the demo and liked what I saw. Reminded me so much of dishonored. Taking it slow right now.


Yeah, going in slow and blind is the best way to play these kinds of games. I’m going all out with Typhon powers though, they’re fun. Bring on the Nightmares, I’ll recycle them with the rest of the trash on the station!


I can’t wait for The Long Journey Home. The game looks extremely interesting and should be right up my alley. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough

Man only CD projekt red can make a card game look this epic


I was hoping for Star wars knights of the old republic 3, but got Not mass effect, and call of chewy with a single player instead


Oh shit, boi.

Steam Summer Sales has begun.

R.I.P. my wallet.


Hooo man this fall is gonna kill my wallet. Some many console games.


Anyone here play Arma?


I might or might not have become addicted to Final Fantasy XIV, and I bought a couple of VN’s via Humble Bundle for a total of $1


I would like to play final fantasy XIV. But it’s full price and monthly. Screw that.


I just bricked my pc installing an ssd. Fml


Well, full price is only €10 and it does come with a month sub when you buy the game.
You can always try out the game with the free trial which allows you to play up to level 35, after which you’ll be level locked.


Anyone else played Horizon: Zero Dawn? It’s probsbly one of the best PS4 exclusives I’ve seen with a beautiful world and a storyline which I effectively boil down to Merida from Brave versus Transformers. :stuck_out_tongue: Still early in the campaign but I adore the world and the numerous terrifying machine animals you can encounter.




I watched H: ZD Let’s Play on Youtube, and I can say the story is just sooooo…


I’m not sure about the DLC, tho.


I’m told to play it but I can’t justify buying what to me lookes like far cry with a different skin.


Trust me, I’ve played both and whilst I think Far Cry Primal holds up well, Horizon is way better, especially with scope and the interaction with the various machine species. I still have a few species left to encounter but the giant eagle one is especially intimidating. I barely defeated one with some help in the desert region, and then of course ran into a giant cyber T-Rex and nearly wet myself. It’s fun how every species in the game seems inspired by a specific animal or dinosaur type.


Oh, you haven’t met the four-legged walking… Peacekeeper. :wink:

The inspiration of their design is… the destruction itself…
Okay. I think I should stop here before I spoiled you too much :laughing:


Uh oh. That doesn’t sound good. But yeah I’ve run into the giant chicken type, the Sabretooth cat ones, the crocs (those were pretty intimidating the first time), the one with the fuel which makes me think of the Bareonyx dinosaur, and of course lot of the more herbivore style ones.