Oh boy.

Let me tell you.

Trying to get all of my Morrowind mods to work together.

It’s great.

I’ve hat to reinstall the game 3 times till now.

Now this is what I call fun.


Expeditions: Viking lets me play as a badass gay Viking, and that makes me happy. :sailboat: :beers: :tada:


Until the game bugs out. Jokes aside, it’s a great game…in a couple of months. Right now, it’s more frustrating than fun.


That’s actually part of the reason I waited on buying it, but from what I read of the last 3 patches, it seemed pretty stable now. I haven’t run into any bugs or crashes yet. :thinking:


Lol you should have bought it before 1.0.1. It was pretty fun, there were crashes, unfinishable quests, companion quests not triggering, long load time, sound of a door being kicked down during load screens, etc…


Kinda sad this is only on PC because it sounds AWESOME, like getting to play Firefly and Star Trek Voyager as a video game, especially with a focus on meeting different alien races with different opinions and ways of looking at the universe and a randomly generated space with actual gravity mechanics and different crew to join from. If this got a PS4 release I definitely think I would play it.


Eat that Console Peasants, PCMasterRace rules lul jokes aside, that game was on my list the moment I first saw it (from RPS I believe, those chaps have good taste in game).


On my third playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 2 EE, and damn, this game is really good for it’s age.
I wish there would be more DnD Forgotten Realms games for all the platforms.


Oh, god damn… Now I need to reinstall BG2, and I still have six other games I’m in middle of :frowning:


6 unfinished games? Well, I’m not that surprised, this is a pretty catchy game if you get into it.
Since we’re talking about BG, the only troubles I have with the game are the minor ones. Like, I always found that cleric only using blunt weapons concept stupid. The main principle about it seems to be that “The devoted do not draw blood”, but I doubt a Crom Fayer or a Flail of the ages draws any less blood than the sword I want to use.


Baldur’s Gate, huh?

Sorcerer is the best class. Nuff’ said.


True, always loved the idea of casting not because of being an old wise dude who studies scrolls in his free time, but because spellcasting is in your blood. Unfortunately, didn’t get to play much of a sorcerer in BG. I always liked the sword/dagger & magic characters, and BG doesn’t let you do that with a sorcerer. Though I’ve enjoyed playing them in NWN, iwd 2 and in the weird D&D 5e campaign.


Oh, and have you seen the new kit it got? It’s called Dragon Disciple. Basically, you’very got dragon blood in your veins.

Too bad the class is complete crap. It was really disappointing, to be honest. I could’ve had dragon blood in me!! Think of how badass that is!


Yeah, though I’ve seen a mod that gives them claws as a weapon (they also become magical, like monk fists iirc) and a few more things related to draconic ancestry. Though never had a chance to play it myself, because getting kit mods to work on android without a computer is Impossible.


So, anyone playing Prey? I’m a good bit in and am having a good time exploring the station, fighting aliens and reading workplace emails


I was playing Final Fantasy 15 got to the end of the game but suddenly looks like I’m underlevelled and had to go back in time to grind which is something I hate doing so switched to Persona 5 just beat the first Palace enjoying it so far. Also playing Chroma Squad which is so much fun.


I started playing Morrowind a couple days back.

I now see why everyone keeps insisting that it’s the best Elder Scrolls game to date.

Seriously, it’s so good.


@Nocturnal_stillness i recommend finishing ffxv because the last boss fight is awesome. And if you feel underLeveled to the enemies in the are run through them. I did and im pretty sure their leveled higher than the boss anyway. Alspo P5 os great im in the middle of mt ng+ playthrough and its still awesome

@AAO ive played morrowind and it is awesome but i prefer oblivion.


yo forum followers!
question I need to ask for closure other from that than websites; is school of dragons free (as in you don’t need to pay monthly or any of that jazz) and safe (no bugs)? thank you for taking your time to answer this and really sorry about frequent questions from me like this. better to be safe though and I trust everyone here.


You’re not forced to pay membership, but the option is still there for the peoppe with money. I’m sure you can get a bunch of exclusive shit and whatnot.

There’s been some speculation about the game giving viruses and stuff but I don’t know whether this has been addressed or not.

I know these answers aren’t really that complex, but I’m just not a big fan of the game. It looked interesting, but as soon as I saw that you have to be online to play, I avoided it like the fucking plague.