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Yeah the whole Bungie Activision thing threw me for a loop. But not it’s all on them. They can make or break this franchise now. No excuses. Interested to see what comes next.


FF12 in NS!? gasp Is there a gameplay video already?

Speaking of Nintendo, it seems the Direct has been delayed? :pensive:


Nope. Just the announcement trailer still:

The January Direct is only rumoured, Nintendo haven’t actually announced any upcoming Directs yet.
When they do announce a new Direct, they’ll just say it out of the blue one day.


We are all SEGA on this blessed day. They’re on the top of my favorite japanese game publishing company right now. Also the page for Catherine in the steam highlight window thing that pops up when you open Steam has an ant crawling on the bottom left corner. Which freaked the hell outta me, didnt know that window can run animated images.



it had the best games…back in the day…

No idea how it mutated nowdays…

but one day…this will be mine…

:hugs: shush! no Judging! collecting oldies is a noble Quest! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Had? Sega is huge right now. Both the Endless and Total War franchise are titans in the 4x genre, the Yakuza franchise is literally a money printing machine/cultural phenomenon in its native Japan and gaining fans rapidly in the west, then there are games like Catherine and Bayonetta which are critically acclaimed, they also own the right to Hatsune Miku games which isnt as popular right now compare to back in the heyday of Vocaloids but is still a very successful rhythm game franchise. I’d say that Sega is doing a lot better these days.



I stand by my ‘‘Had’’ …cose nowdays games (or at least the ones you named) are all games I have 0,0000000 interest in lol

Yet back in the days , there were Sooo many games I played on that damn console .

now I feel old…where is mah cane ?


Ok? Just because they dont make games specifically cater to your taste doesnt mean they’re aren’t making great games. Numbers dont lie. Sega is a very successful companies with a surprisingly large amount of popular franchises. Also they’re pretty much the only Japanese publishers with the balls to seriously porting games to PC. They’ve improved a lot and is now enjoying the fruits of their labor with the influx of cash from PC gamers.


clearly you missed the point . I never said they are making crummy games and they are going bankrupt . I also do not measure a compagny worth by how much ca$h they have . Lot of crappy thing bring money nowdays , thats really not a good indicator of what’s ‘good’’ .

what I said was ‘‘Had the best games in the old days’’ , meaning from all the old consoles I played back then : Sega is the one I remember fondly many games I had fun playing as a kid . I remember the Atari , the nintendo , the SNES and even the small games that you could carry with you (Not game boy advance) that were cheap and broke easy…but Sega had so many games I remember clearly .

then I said ‘‘I dunno how it mutated today’’ as in I haven’t touched a console since PS1 , but i still remember fondly how it was back then .

So yes , was talking about old nostalgy that old games leave us with . Something nowdays I gotta admit…is becoming hard to come by . Maybe its all the marketing or whatever .


Sorry for the misunderstanding. It was a bit hard to understand what you meant and i thought you’re saying that Sega games were not good anymore and they only had good games back in the days. As for nostalgia, I think that’s all it is, nostalgia. Plus the fact that there arent as many games you could play back in the days. I had fond memories of some old dos games i spent a lot of times on back in the days. At the same time i think the quality of games these days are way ahead of those games if you take nostalgia out of the equation. Imo the reasons I dont get that emotional attachment to games these days is just simply due to how easy it is to get games nowadays, instead of having one game that i play over and over again, i now have at least 10 games in my backlog that i just dont have time for anymore. Furthermore, as people become older we spend less time playing a game. These days Id be lucky if I can spend 3 hours on a game in a day.


well yeah…

its ALOT nostalgia but there is also some truth there .

back then , the ways games were made…we didnt have to pay extra for dlc…skin toys and wait for a patch to fix a bug . Ah the time of innocence lol where you just plug the game and play! lol

uh…I say that…but we broke the handler alot…especially the atari one…omg…they broke so easy lol

I rather play a game over and over then have a back log of 10 games (which never happen lol) .

I dunno , it just games have become…bigger…more pretty sure . Graphicly , speed…gameplay…all are fantastic . But there is a sense of shallowness in there . Like there is something missing . and I’m not talking about story alone .

I’m talking about how it feel . It’s…I think alot has changed . Yes we get amazing games we never though could be possible to see…right there in your living room . But at the same time , it lost something on the way lol .

add to that , new games are being made faster and faster…it become about ‘hype’’ , and big bucks…and revealing and teasing , and trailer here…teaser over there…gain follower…gain subscriber…pre-order there…get dlc…get promotional that…

Urgh . Thats when nostalgia hit and you miss the old days , where you only know the console you are using is called Sega…and the game you are gonna play is called Sonic and thats it . FUN…alot of fun in ignorance lol .


So, now that I’m working on my game again, it got me replaying the game that inspired it. Kenka Badass Rumble. I thought I’d share a little of what this underrated gem is for those who haven’t played it.

I named my character Adachi. Because of course, I did. Adachi is going on a school trip where he’ll learn about life and the value of education and-


Or that works too.

Now, the first thing to talk about is a neat little detail. The opening boss being based on your starting prefecture since there can only be one Bancho. Meaning that you can scoop up one of the end week bosses and make them into a complete whelp to trash and make your peon.

Screenshot%20(142) Screenshot%20(155)

Now, if you’re interested in the full story, it can be explained as Adachi and his friend were out enjoying themselves when they came across a couple of other fellow students. All being lovers of education and meeting new people, they quickly became friends. Full story can be found here, but let’s skip ahead.


Adachi would also meet a lovable detective who would inspire children to go on to pursue a career in law enforcement but…eh…I’m sure that doesn’t matter.

So, the game is about growing up with our eager student Adachi and his friends going to visit shrines.


There’s also some more encounters with new people he meets, talking about their view points and working out their differences. Of course, with 43 different people it would take far too long to go through all of them, so again, those who are curious can see some students hard at work with their future and developing lifelong companionship.

Confirming what every battle anime has taught us, the easiest way to make friends is by beating them into a pulp.

Yet, the game isn’t purely about just social friendships. Love is also in the air. Adachi being the natural gentleman that he is, has a number of girls he can pursue a relationship with. Drawn to his gentle nature, he has no shortage of flings to keep himself occupied between his duties as a Bancho.

While I’m only scratching the surface of all the things there is to this masterpiece, I must talk about one of the best aspects about it. The dialogue system. Sure, you can use it the way intended…BUT…and a big but here, you’d miss out on more of the interesting little details the developers put in for…certain…word choices. It’s a little touch and one that is entertaining in it’s own right.

The game itself, is meant to be new game plussed. While I did get to the “final” boss on this run because I still remembered a fair bit of how to play, it is simply pretty much impossible to capture everything on your first run. Luckily, you only need to capture about half to get to this stage. Getting the honor to fight him…I got my ass kicked since I was only level 15. Spoiler warnings to be applied to this link:

The game is designed however to be repeated. Even getting to level 99 is not the end of how much stat growing you can do. Needless to say, after about the third and fourth run, just about every boss, including the hidden ones become a complete joke. But it’s after that, you unlock the real challenge. A boss rush with all 43 banchos. Suddenly when five bosses are attacking you at once, they don’t seem quiiittteee as weak as they seemed by themselves.

So, that’s my take on Kenka Badass Rumble and is definitely a game I enjoyed. Not just a hard action brawler, it has non linear gameplay, as well as an rpg leveling system, with multiple endings. I am also leaving a lot of stuff out about it, though I think that this shows a pretty good idea of what it is as a game and where the fun is to be had in it.


I don’t usually go for the beat 'em up games, but what you wrote caught my attention. If every game opinion would be like this, I guess I would never stop playing.

Btw, what’s your game about @Frosty?


I much prefer newer games nowadays. I don’t really see dlc as inherently bad and patches to fix bugs are nice, rather than just having them there forever without modding. And since most are downloaded, cleaning a disk isn’t a problem much anymore.

Because cabbages?


I didnt say that patch are bad…

But it just…we get more broken games that need patch…that we did in the past .

as for dlc…I want expansion! not some lousy tiny thing thats overpriced cose it has some toys innit…they are more like freebie then decent content . Sure there are dlc that add story…but man…I dont think the price tag match the damn content in most case .

add to that…the most annoying part I find about dlc…is that whatever you do in a dlc…it never ever has any impact in the main story .


does this really…loook Good…rad…killer…awesome…etc.?

cose Twitter is going bonker over it lol…

beat me…but the old one look better to me…


I really think EA is buying positiveve feedback every where they can. They keep releasing all these little cosmetic details that really mean nothing, and the internet keeps losing their minds over them. People can’t actually think that a pretty skin, or some stylish effects are going to be what makes a game good.


doesnt that remind you of when DAI came out ? Advertisement…everywhere you looked !

then come MEA…and you barely hear a cricket…



Everytime someone brings up Anthem I get kind of sad thinking about the fact that Bioware aren’t working on a single player game (besides DA4). While I enjoyed the combat in the alpha, the fact that the gameplay loop is going to be standard live service/looter shooter-y brings me back to reality about what the game really is.

I won’t go so far as to say I hope the game fails though. I never hope someone hates something they buy or are looking foward to and people obviously like these types of games…I just wish another studio who had more experience with the type of game they’re going for here were doing it while Bioware just focused on getting back to what made them great in the first place.


I understand everyone’s caution but hear me out on this: is this really a multiplayer game like destiny? I think it’s not. Technically you can classify this game as a online co-op game. Most multiplayer games are you and a bunch of other people as a team versus another team. Anthem has you teaming up with three other people against the AI of the game. No real multiplayer aspect. But like you said I never hope for a game to fail. I always hope games are good. I myself will be playing this for two reasons: 1. I can solo this if I want. It’s still has a single player story which more than I can say for destiny 2 2. My clan that I play destiny with also are planning to play this. Will it exceed or fall below my expectations? I don’t know because I have not had this game in my hands. I will trust my friend who played the alpha and enjoyed the hell out of it but otherwise everything said before the game is in my hands is null and void. This is all my opinion so don’t feel as if you have to buy this game or agree with me. If you don’t like it you don’t buy it. There is a reason why this company is called choice of games because it is all our choice.