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I loved DA2…

its DAO and DAI and MEA that sucked…:sweat_smile:


Ok, this is shocking to me. Usually DAO just gets praise and praise and praise lmao.


yeah…I know…

but what nobody is brave enough to tell…is the story how much it crashhhhhh on pc lol

every 10min…crash crash crash crash crash…

totally killed the game for me . and no…I’m not buying a goddamn console so I can play a game I dont feel anymore love for…after crashing on the same spot…for 15 times!!!


Still waiting for an armored core game…

But Tenchu was one of my first games, on the Play Station, so a spiritual successor is something I’m excited for, espite no character creation, and I do like skill trees.

DA 2 is generally considered the worst in the series. So you’re talking to a heathen right now. To consider it the sole good one.

I personally liked all of them, though DAO had my favorite companions.

? I’ve never had it crash, barring me setting up my mods. Unless you’re talking about DAI


Oh interesting… I love Origins. :joy:

I haven’t experience crashes in Origins though. It must be the bug fixed mod that I have installed. :joy:

I liked them all too. But I do tend to be bias when I loved a series or maybe I have low expectations that I enjoyed it regardless? :joy:


DA2 is the definition of how choices won’t matter in the story, it is consider good as a linear hack and slash action game :slight_smile:


Oh, really? It never did that for me, I didn’t even know it was an issue :open_mouth:



I’m talking about Dragon age ORIGIN…on Steam…

Its…after many hours looking for a fix…I read it was badly optimized…and its DirectX 9 causing issue . The game freeze and crash everytime it spawn darkspawn…and in later area…when you enter combat…crash fighting bears at lothering…crash fighting spider…crash in ozammar…crash in tower of magi…crash in the dalish forest fighting werewolf…crash in Ostagar…crash…So many times…urgh .

its a memory leak…or something…

or directX 9…or optimization…Urgh…I have window 10 and its the only game that crash endlessly…well save for Besetha games but those are made of glasses lol


I played on Steam as well and I don’t have much problem. There’s the usual slowdowns on a specific city but overall, not much issue.

But it’s awful that the crashes pulled you out of the story. ;(


lol great…I have the crash-every-10min- copy…in all the z’internet! :rofl:


IIRC, you have an updated PC right now right? Perhaps it will work out now compare before with some bug fixed mod?


no still crash…

when my friend come over…I keep trying when she is around lol and she keep saying ‘‘You sure you dont want me to bring my xbone down here so you can play it ?’’ Lol

The only way I found to get to the ending without crashing…is using a cheat code that pretty much delete all monster lol but that kinda kill it too…

but that was the only way I could see the damn ending lol which I only saw twice…never again lol .


take that back!!! Take that baccccccccck!!!

DA2 was fun and Hilaaaaaaarious . Who care about choices when Rome is falling around your ear …ahem…I mean Kirkwall LOL

At least the story was better then goddamn DAI lol


Not sure if there’s any Dragonball Fighterz players on here but this is something I cooked up in a couple of hours in time for the game’s first anniversary.

The core CYOA cover template isn’t mine, FYI. Was still fun to make though so I might try and do this for other games and things I generally like. :grin:


Raise hand…hum…I only played Dragon Ball Xenoverse :stuck_out_tongue:

but been watching the darn thing since I was like…8-10 years :sweat_smile:

can you make one with the ladies ? pwetty plz lol

Bulma , chichi , Pan , 16 and all ?


Well Dragonball Fighterz has a great little story, you basically get to link your soul to Goku, Frieza and Android 18 and things only get crazier from there… but there’s plenty of fun character dialogue between different characters including some unlikely match ups.

The ladiez of Dragonball huh? I’ll see what I can do.


wave franticly and dont forget the female Sayan!!!

they were Sooooooooooo awesomeeeeeeee…


Ah yes… Fem Brolly. Honestly I haven’t watched any of Dragonball Super yet so I wouldn’t be able to give Kale or whatever her name is a fair inclusion.


I wasn’t sure myself at first…

but it turn out pretty good…with some bad moments…

but overall…saved me from Boriing Boruto…which I stopped watching all together due to mutation . :sweat_smile:


Did not expect this at all… wow.

Well, that’s more announcements I didn’t expect Nintendo to do on Twitter, though I’m glad to see that these two finally have release dates. Akihiko Yoshida’s illustration above for FFXII is absolutely stunning.

I wonder when their next Direct is, then? :thinking:

There it is, the Catherine Classic announcement for Steam and it’s out already too, nice. Full Body is coming out on PS4 sometime this year so that’s another game I’ll look into, especially since it has the same director, character designer and composer as Persona 5.

“We hope to have more exciting news to share from Sega/Atlus in regards to publishing on PC in the future,” says Sega.

Based SEGA, I really like the direction they’re taking lately.