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Do it. DMC’s a great action game, and it seems like DMC5 is looking to be the most ambitious of the DMC games.


and on the corner of ‘we love to screw you over’’ with total new found Honesty (Do they even know that word?)…

and it get worse…

they make an APP…and now they wanna make a shooter MMO…

Urghhh…Disgusted noise


9 more days for takeoff, bois.
This is the cutscene that I’d assume plays whenever you boot up the game, right before the “Press Start to Begin” screen. With this, we got the chance to dive into Avril Mead’s perspective, one of the main character in the game (note that it’s main character, not player character).


So a Overwatch character Turn to be gay and in Spanish videogames pages there are a campaign against it. WTF nd worse same peope lusting for mate with a harem of Lesbian character. Seriously people is nuts. An anti lgtb





I never want to root for things to fail, but this is exactly why I kinda hope Anthem fails. If Anthem is a big success then that’s exactly what they’re going to turn all their games into.





I just hope it will not dilute the DA lore and the single player campaign. One things that I love the most with the DA series was the lore and since my country’s don’t have the best internet service in the world, I would like to experience DA 4 offline, thank you very much.


It’s not like multiplayer helped ME 3 any. In fact, it largely ruined the single-player experience by making it necessary.


well I barely remember the Multiplayer part of DAI…

Usually single player fear Multiplayer because they are afraid they would focus on Multiplayer and forget about single player .

DAI was crap without Multiplayer overshadowing anything .

I’m not surprised though , since nowdays this ‘‘BW’’ is about money and nothing more . There is no '‘loyalty’ to the ‘Old fans’ . They don’t even have any shame about Lying and misleading anymore .

Honestly , I’m hoping someone take the mantle of making similar games as BW so they get knocked from their dirty Thrones . Because as long as they are the only one (or believe) they are…who make X kinda of game…then they can abuse , lie…and do whatever they want .

@Camille622 I’m with you there…make me wanna throw my copy of half assed half finished game of MEA at the asshole behind Anthem :rofl:


That or EA will put their poisonous fangs on the developers and shut Bioware down =/


I didn’t hate DAI the way you did, but I’m with you in that the multi-player was completely forgettable. I honestly didn’t even notice it existed for the longest time…Looking back though if they could have taken the resources they spent on multiplayer and given us a few more main story quests, it could have been much better.


but the codex…dont you love unearthing like an archeologist them codex ??? under a rock…behind an elf root…they are hidden like pokemon! FIND THEM ALL in a boring desert! :rofl:


Oh nice, that’s good to hear! I’ll try the demo then and see how terrible I am at the combat.

The campaign will be roughly 15-16 hours. That’s a pretty nice length.


Looks good. I’ve heard this is one of, if not, the best Tales game and since it’s coming to the Switch, I may try it on that later on.

Oh wow, that’s quite the move.

Guess Ubisoft will test the waters with this and if it goes well, they may decide to put their future games onto the Epic Games Store instead of Steam. It makes sense from a publisher standpoint since they’ll get a higher cut of the revenue.

On the other hand, it’ll most likely be bad for consumers as I’ve seen many comments saying they don’t want to have another launcher installed nor do they like their store due to the severe lack of features and the whole controversy about their refund policy.

We’ll see how this goes.

Gotta love Cory Barlog… and I still need to play God of War.


Neat, so Sekiro is the focus for their February 2019 issue. Among the key points mentioned is the game not having stat points but skill trees instead, as well as not having any online components whatsoever.


BioWare is in a bit of a lose-lose situation at this point. If Anthem fails EA will almost certainly shoot them in the head and toss them in the dead developer pit they have round the back. If it ‘succeeds’ they’ll learn all the worst mistakes of multiplayer overexposure and likely force them into more games in the future.


yeah but BW belong to EA…

the sign that say ‘‘BIOWARE’’ …is only there as a fake store front .

what I’m saying , is…they aren’t indepandant anymore . They aren’t like their own boss who can decide . Someone up there at EA is wiggling the BW logo around and make the decision of what they can make .

So to say that BW is on a lose-lose position , that would imply they can make their own decision . And they can’t , it just EA underneath the hood lol

If that story of ‘Stealing ressources and staff from MEA to work on Anthem’’ is true . That should tell you everything .


So much hate… :joy: Each their own even though I haven’t finished Inquisition yet. Still, I don’t want the story to stop since I love the DA at this point unless the developer give me a reason to.



This isnt a mindless hate though…I don’t go ‘‘Hate DAI cose its EA baby devil’’ lol

I don’t either . But…I lowered my expectation after 2 fiasco in a row…

by now…I’m not even holding my breath about a good game from them anymore .


I was wondering which part of DA 2 you didn’t liked? Overall, I enjoyed DA 2 in terms of story and characters though. It didn’t seems as others make it out to be or it’s just me. :joy:


It isn’t just you. I don’t really understand the hate towards DA2, but I am also a heathen that doesn’t play Baldur’s Gate because I hate the gameplay, so… :joy:

The only negative thing to me, about DA2, was the caves, the recycling of caves was tiresome.