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Happy New Year!

Bought PoE and Stardew Valley few days ago. Been playing Stardew Valley almost non-stop. It seems I missed playing my farming simulation. :joy:


protip: don’t craft wooden sprinkler. They suck. Farm the mine for copper and craft them instead.


Judgement hyper train lets GOOOOOOOOO!

The Rya ga Gotoku Studio is absolutely amazing, really love nearly every game they release.

Hopefully, it’s been a while since I played 3,4 and 5, and I can’t wait to play them again. Though, I am disappointed at it just being a remaster instead of a ‘Kiwami’ style remake. (Hopefully when the PS5 is out, we can get a true Kiwami remake of 3,4, 5 and maybe even 0)


I recently found out that judge eyes is a yakuza spinoff. What the heck will the protagonist even investigate? The copious amount of broken furniture and bones left behind the wake of the yakuza protagonists’ quest to become a pro karaoke singer?


Sega has been killing it for Yakuza fans lately and a big part of the games getting the attention they deserved here was with 0 since it brought in alot of new fans and was also a love letter to the oldies like me. I’m totally ready for the remasters but I really would like more pc ports especially for the dragon engine games (K2, 6, Judgement, and the future games) since that engine looks amazing and is always a joy to walk around and interact in but the 30 fps (with alot of dips and texture pop in) lower the quality a bit. I picked up 0’s port and even though on ps4 it could go to 60 fps it had alot of dips but with my rig on pc its so buttery smooth and feels great to play.

Either way though i’m looking forward to 3 which has a special place in my heart -wipes away a manly tear-, but also 4 which was great too especially cause of Saejima which I missed so much and was kind of upset that he and Majima were left out in 6.

I’m hoping we eventually get the announcement I have been dying to hear since all the news about the franchise which is for Ishin to finally come to the west. I can always dream…


Toshihiro Nagoshi (creator of the Yakuza series) explained in an interview some months ago why 3-5 didn’t get the Kiwami treatment, which is understandable after reading it:

Sega thought about doing Kiwami remakes for Yakuza 3, 4, 5 but he explains that going from a PS2 game to PS4 as a Kiwami remake leaves an impression with the big jump, however, he felt that the PS3 was still a good piece of hardware so the gap of going PS3 to PS4 would be a lot thinner and doesn’t leave as much of an impression compared to a jump from a PS2 game.

That said, if they did make them as Kiwami games, Nagoshi said that they probably could’ve, but then they would’ve felt the need to throw in new content in order to make it worth its value. Making new content meant having to spend more time on it, which would’ve caused delays for other titles such as Yakuza 6, which they didn’t want to do and decided to go with the remasters instead.

Sounds about right.

Or the protagonist is too busy competing in drone races or board games to actually investigate anything:

Definitely. Yakuza 0 is my first Yakuza game which I finished quite recently and it’s fantastic. I didn’t expect the story to be so good. I’ll need to pick up Kiwami soon, fortunately it’s at a great price (however there’s quite a lot of side stuff I’ve left unfinished in 0, such as the real estate and cabaret club minigames).

I better get and finish Kiwami and Kiwami 2 pretty soon, in that case.

Ah, that’s the spin-off game, right? Looking at the cover alone, it looks fun, haha. Samurai Yakuza? Sign me up.

Looking at Judgment’s main staff from Wikipedia so far:

Director: Toshihiro Nagoshi (Yakuza series creator, chief creative officer of SEGA)
Producer: Kazuki Hosokawa (Yakuza 0 director)
Composer: Hidenori Shoji (music director of the Yakuza series)

Damn, what a solid main staff list! Summer 2018 can’t come soon enough!


Lots and lots of people hoping for news on the Animal Crossing Switch game here, also a release date for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Those are another two series I’d like to try when they eventually release on the console.

The unveil for Pokémon Gen 8 like others have mentioned will most likely be in its own Direct in a few months time.

Anyway, looking forward to it if this rumour turns out to be true.


Yes please. I need more FE:3H news! I really hope we have more info about it!


Oh dear god I got Witcher 3 and LA Noire for my birthday, I haven’t even started AC Origins or RD2 yet and now I must choose what game is likely to consume my time best… :sweat_smile:


Over at patientgamer subreddit, they have a challenge that you list games in your backlogs and you have to finish them before buying a new one.
I have so much games and CoG/HG titles to go through this year but I really want to try this one to remove some backlogs.
I shouldn’t have bought Stardew Valley because I stopped playing DA:I again. :joy:


This year’s steam winter sale was so good! Not only did I buy games that have been on my steam wishlist for years (at 50-90% off too!!), but I also bought so many CoG and HG games that have been on my radar since finding out about CoG and HG. I still haven’t finished all the games from the last steam winter sale (which for me was in 2013 lol), so part of my 2019 New Years resolution is to not buy anymore games (except CoG and HG -of course lol- in support of the authors) until I finish all the games I bought in 2013 such as the bioshock series, half life series and tomb raider series, and at least 25% of the games this year. That way, I won’t go off buying a switch and the many, many awesome games that are and have came out on it.

I must say though, I’m super excited to play the CoG and HG games I got this winter, along with some of the steam games. One of them is called The Universim, which is in alpha, but has been super fun so far. It’s similar to black and white, if you’ve ever played. What has been really great is that the devs have been super active on the discord and are definitely heading in the right direction in their development. It’s the second time I’ve been following a game actively, constantly giving feedback and excited for during its development, so it’s been so much fun even though it’s incomplete and has some bugs. I will be looking forward to their monthly updates. It’s a good feeling to finally find a game I can be excited about while providing feedback and suggestions for the future of it and actually get a reply! The last time this happened was with a game called Plague Inc, which I helped kickstart and was a part of all the way until PS4 release. The devs were very active in communicating and I have the board game, iOS app, and steam game and still play all 3. So I’m hoping The Universim becomes one of those games I play over the years and always come back to. I know I did with black and white. Another game I finally got was Banished. It was on my wishlist since 2013, but I ended up not getting it for many years cause of the price. It finally got a big discount and so I’ve been playing many hours on it so far. Still can’t get up to 900 population though! :disappointed:

I also got slime rancher, which many of my irl friends and online friends have been playing and saying good things about. I still haven’t tried it, but plan to this weekend, super excited! I also was able to finally get Jurassic world evolution. It had a great discount this winter and was finally affordable! I love dinos and can’t wait to sink many hours into it! (Hopefully)

2019 will be a fun gaming year! (Especially with the promising CoG and HG games coming out)


Hoping Mario + Rabbids prepares me for strategy games like FE somewhat, now that I’ve completed the main story for Let’s Go Eevee in about 21.5 hours. :sweat_smile:

0:27 onwards - daaaaamn, this track is good.
1:28 - vocals too?! Sounds like another quality Nintendo soundtrack in the making.

Yikes, 3 very large open-world games and very good ones too. That’s going to be a tough decision, haha.

Yeah… I’m probably going to lose this challenge straight away unless I get out of my “buying games because they are on sale for really good prices” mindset.

For instance, I bought Bastion, Transistor and Pyre on the PS Store because they were all on sale, coming up to less than £14 in total which I thought was great. However after playing Bastion for a while, I can’t actually get into it. The visuals and music are definitely nice, even the narrator, but it honestly feels like a chore to play through.

Once I complete the main story of that, I don’t think I’ll bother with doing a completionist playthrough and will instead jump to Transistor, which I hope maintains my interest more.


its out…hum…wonder if it work with HAPPY ENDING mod though…:thinking:


I (Tim Rogers) played the first three hours of the Yakuza team’s new game, Judge Eyes, which is currently available only in Japan. I live-translated much of the dialogue, talked about my experiences living in Tokyo, and generally had a fantastic time.

I gotta say, at first it was a little weird talking to myself for three hours into a microphone while also enjoying a video game as much as I enjoyed this one, though I soon got used to it.

After my first couple of hours with the game, I declared, on Twitter, that “If Yakuza is Final Fantasy, Judge Eyes is Persona.” I mean no offense to Yakuza or Final Fantasy, though yes, the positioning of the Persona name-drop in this hasty analogy implies a veneer of potently elevator-pitchable sophistication.

When I played the demo several months ago, I remarked on this very website that Judge Eyes feels almost exactly like a Japanese television drama in the best possible ways. Now that I’ve started drilling into the full game, I stand even more confidently behind that statement.

I adore the Yakuza games and the morally gray tough guys who inhabit them. Though if you told me I could only play Yakuza or Judge Eyes, well, I’d pick Judge Eyes.

This game is phenomenal. It strikes the perfect narrative balance between grown-up maturity and trashy television. It is what I have always wanted, and now I have it. Rather than keep it to myself, here I am, sharing it with you.

Nearly 3 hours of Tim Rogers playing Judgment? What a start to the year. So glad to see that his comments for the game are very positive.

Also more and more tracks are being uploaded from the game’s soundtrack on YouTube, thank god. This one has amazingly good electric and acoustic guitars. :ok_hand:

Hidenori Shoji’s (sounds like his style so I’m basing this off that) knocked it out of the park again!


Cant get the last video to embed here for some reason but its great:


these look coool…


I don’t know how much sensible would be the touch screen, but these pads are great!!!


The touch screen has a flap that lifts up to access it. So it’s all good


Hmm, might give this demo a try then, though I’ve never played any of the DMC games.

Like others are saying, it’s probably way too early as the game is very likely to not have started development yet.

Though if for some strange reason that Bethesda don’t bring Soule back to compose the music for TES VI, the second most likely composer for the game is Inon Zur, I reckon, since he’s a Bethesda regular with Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The latter especially increases the likelihood.

All these sheep images posted by SEGA recently, lmao. Catherine Classic for PC, yeah.

Well… that went downhill very quickly for those wanting a sequel to Isolation.
Cue the “Don’t you guys have phones?!” line.

Anyway, I’ve started and put a few hours into Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and the game is hilarious, I love the comedy, visuals and soundtrack so far. I’m actually enjoying it more than Super Mario Odyssey and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee, though I’ve been warned by one of my friends who’s really into Nintendo that I should take caution when making this comparison to SMO aloud as Nintendo fans will likely bash me with heavy criticism. :sweat_smile:

Found out that Mario + Rabbids’ composer Grant Kirkhope did an orchestral arrangement of the Donkey Kong tracks “DK Island Swing” (from DK Country) and “Jungle Japes” (from DK 64) for the game’s Donkey Kong DLC. This is absolutely incredible!


awww I wished for a sequel…since that game was AMAAAAAAAZING…

but really…on a phone now…Boooo!

Ah…I just brough a cheap ass phone…for emergency…I hate phone yurk lol

that line cannot beat ‘Can I have your stuff?’ :grin: