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Oh nice!

I also have a Switch and the only 2 games I have for it so far are Super Mario Odyssey (very polished and entertaining game but after finishing the main story in about 10 hours, I’m unmotivated to get the remaining 800+ power moons left in the game) and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! (put more time into this than Odyssey at 15 hours but I probably won’t bother with completing the Pokédex).

Based on what a few friends have said about their favourite RPG/story-based games on the Switch, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was frequently mentioned. I’ve never played a Xeno game before but a story-based game may be what I need to invest more time into my Switch.

It’s also very long. According to HLTB, the main story alone takes 65 hours on average and the game overall can easily last you over 100 hours. One of my friends has over 300 hours in XC2, but then again, he’s a huge fan of the series.

I’ve listened to a few tracks from XC2’s soundtrack and it’s outstanding. Seen many comments from people saying that the game has one of the best video game soundtracks ever and after listening to some of it, I can understand why.


It’s funny, when I was single and unemployed the length of a game mattered a lot. Nothing was better than a title that could gleefully devour a hundred hours or more. Now that free time is at a premium, I find I still care about length, but the other way. I prefer my gaming relatively brief, unless a title can justify why it deserves so much of a resource I currently have in such short supply. That said, Xeno has a good buzz from what I have heard as well. Was it or Octopath made by Square? If not, I might give them a try. Don’t buy Square-made RPGs any more unless they’re ports. This is one Charlie Brown who officially got tired of trying to kick that particular crappy football.

Banner Saga looks good, just wish Switch games weren’t so much more than their mobile counterparts.


Octopath is made by Square. However, if you are wanting a JRPG for the Switch, hold off for the next Dragon Quest, if you don’t have it on Steam. I heard a lot of good buzz about it. It is LONG though, so if time is at a premium then it might not be for you.

I am holding out for the next Fire Emblem when I am not playing “Let’s Go Pikachu” with my son. FE might be your speed, it is a strategic RPG and going feom map to map will let you walk away when you want. Great for installments.


As far as future RPGs, one of them is what helped drive me to want the system to begin with (my mention of it being what then led my wife to surprise me with it for Christmas). X-Men Legends was an incredible game. And while each subsequent one in the series was a little less so, finally getting a fifth one in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is great news indeed. I also want Fractured But Whole, but may wait for a price drop. Pokémon Go might be a quality purchase.

Pondering West or Loathing. Apparently it is a spiritual sequel to a game I played a ton over a decade ago, Kingdom of Loathing. Seems like a fun bit of nostalgia.


I enjoyed FE Awakening and Fates. I haven’t bought a Switch yet but will buy on release date of either FE Switch or Story of Seasons Switch.

In regards to FE, they have been awfully quiet though. I was expecting we have info about it since they presented the line Spring 2019 but most fans just assume that was the release date. :joy:


Being honest if you don’t like difficult rpg I wouldn’t get Octopath I have it and it’s extremely hard.(I don’t know about the recent fire emblem games and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so I can’t recommend, I tend to avoid harem RPGs.)


I see that you are a man of culture as well. I loved that game when I was in High School. I was happy to see that it is still online.

If you are an avid Pokemon Go player, I think I saw that you can transfer pokemon between your phone and the “Let’s Go” series. I need to verify that though.


I actually never played Pokémon Go. I get real wary around freemium games, plus the gameplay seemed a bit oversimplified from what I had seen. Does it work similarly in the Switch version, or is it more like the normal Pokémon gameplay?

Also, this Pokken tournament…any knowledge of its quality? Smash and Soul Caliber are the only fighting games I normally gravitate towards, but it still sounds intriguing.

And yes, I have fond memories of my Saber-Toothed Lime and such. I think West of Loathing was on sale for $7.70, and I still have $25 store credit after buying Into the Breach. Finally found a good use for my gift card credits from my health insurance company.


I haven’t played that game for a long time. Always found it to be a decent game.


I don’t actually mean the first one, just any in the series. I probably pumped $50 worth of quarters into the SC 2 machine at the UGA arcade playing that clannish type mode, and own it on the Xbox. Also played a lot of 4 on the 360, loved the online mode with its numerous customized character options. I am not a man of many talents, but I am pretty amazing at maximizing characters (29-3 record in competitive D&D, whooo!), and my mediocrity in pulling off combos and super fancy moves was mitigated by my ability to crank out a Yoshimitsu with like 250% health that allowed me to win anyhow most of the time.

Favorite guy in these games is definitely Cervantes. Never get tired of dashing at people, stabbing them with both swords and slamming them to the ground.


From what I’ve seen there’s no need to grind and weaken the Pokémon to catch it, which I find a bit of a relief since the grinding makes me stop playing the games. Experience seems to be earn through Pokémon battles.


Then we are kindred spirits, cause I first got into it by playing SC2 on my Xbox (got it by default on my Xbox for reasons I’ll never understand). Absolutely loved it. Also played SC4, never owned it, but it was awesome playing Yoda. I got 5, it was alright but I stopped afterwards. A pity but c’est la vie.

My favourite was Spawn (SC2) and Maxi. Love me those nun-chucks.

Bright side, people aren’t careless anymore. Heard all the news of people getting into accidents cause they weren’t looking and those going the military and airports cause there was an abundance of pokémon there when it first came out.


Correct. This time, you throw a Poké Ball at the Pokémon but need to time it correctly. Successfully catching a Pokémon will give XP to all the Pokémon in your party.

While some may say this makes the game too easy, I personally find it relieving as well since it feels more streamlined, feeling like I’m progressing at a good pace. There are plenty of Trainer battles in the game anyway so those who like battling can do that and the battles will also give XP to everyone in the party, but more to the ones you’ve actually used in the battle.

Although with Gyms, each one has a prerequisite you need to meet before you can face its leaders. For example, one Gym will require you to have a Pokémon at a minimum of level 45 in your party and another will require you to have caught 50 different species on your Pokédex.

I’ve seen quite a few complaints about this, saying the handholding by the developer is too excessive and the Pokémon games were easy enough, now they’ve made it even easier. However because Let’s Go is my first Pokémon game, I can’t really comment about this since I haven’t played any of the previous games.

Perhaps if the 2019 Pokémon games are more similar to the pre-Let’s Go titles like longtime fans are hoping for, I’ll gain a better understanding.

Also on the topic of the Switch, the store I’m working at currently has a clearance on several items, many that are gaming-related, so I ended up buying these two Switch games which were the last ones available before they completely ran out of stock of those:

Got Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition for £12.97 and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for £21.97, totalling to £34.94. I’ve been eyeing these two games for some time now and as soon as I saw them as clearance items at such good prices, I bought them on impulse.

As of now, Rayman on Amazon is £20.98 and Mario + Rabbids is £29.83, so I’m very happy about this purchase. Looking forward to starting them once I’m done with Let’s Go! :smiley:


This is sound more relaxing compare to other Pokémon game. I also like they could follow you around. Now to choose whether to get Pikachu or Eevee. :joy:


So Fallout 76. Any players? What’s it like. Worth the coin? So far all I’ve heard is bad shit about this game. And Bethesdas, well… bethesding as of late. But tempted to try it. As long as it has a good storyline. And great rpg mechanics. Not that the reviews have anything positive to say about those two. So any regular gamer willing to give their input.?


Anyone who says “it’s fun with friends” does not know how to review the game properly - any game, I mean any game can be fun with friends. It’s absolutely shallow, Bethesda itself fucks up time and again constantly with their controversies and the only praise you will find is in r/fallout76.

Oh, don’t criticize the game there - you’ll be downvoted to oblivion or banned.


So not worth the coin then? just wanted to know. Because sometimes those so called reviewers tend to review a game positive and negative sometimes just for cash grab and not for actual academically put forward criticisms of the game.

Oblivion is my domain

Could you elaborate?


Read this, got suspicious so I stopped for a while. Opened up 9gag, hot and trending categories got flooded with negative reviews for F76.


Read it

story is “told through holotapes and text.”

NOOO thanks. Thought fallout 1 and 2 did tell the story through text. That was then not now.

"no longer have VATS, "


"no single player/empty world./no fixing of big bugs/bad service/not ready for launch "
No thanks. Though not having single player is not a bad thing. But considering the medium. Yeah not gonne have that. As for the rest. No just No.

Conclusion: not decomposable into elements or other primary constituents. That is, my money stays.


Happy new year all!

What a year it has been indeed for the Ryu ga Gotoku studio. This year is shaping up to be amazing for them again with the western release of Judgment (so excited for this) and hopefully the PS4 ports of Yakuza 3-4. Yakuza 5’s PS4 port will probably be released in the west in 2020, considering Japan is getting it in spring 2019.

Also nice to see the game’s got its own Wikipedia page now.

@Elseguard Another track from Judgment’s OST. I’m surprised more hasn’t been uploaded yet but it’s probably tough to import this at the moment. Anyway, I love this track, it’s so badass.

The soundtrack’s VGMdb page was also updated to include the liner notes.

SEGA Sound Team
Music Director: Hidenori Shoji
Music Production: Yuri Fukuda, Chihiro Aoki, Saori Yoshida, Yuki Kobayashi

As expected, Shoji is involved but as the game’s music director? Hell yeah!
Also I recognise some of the other composers, they’ve all worked on the Yakuza OSTs.

It would be really nice if SEGA released in the west so I could buy it but based on the Yakuza OSTs, that probably won’t happen and importing is the only option.