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The latest Beast&Exploration DLC brings back a bit of life, IMO. As for the early-game difficulty, it’s really not that bad. Yes, a two-hander brigand is scary and can 1.5 hit your bro, but that’s why you need to utilize terrain and surround them.

Besides, retreating is never a shameful deed. And fuck Alps.


Harden your heart? That’s not what I’d tell anyone who would force that poor man to fight on a broken leg to begin with.

Let the guy retire, he’s earned it. Don’t the words “Honourable Discharge” mean anything these days?


I know it has a small community, but even that is dead - checked the forums and it was visibly clear last time I saw it.

How can all RNG be controlled by you when the name stands for random number generator though?


Controllable rng are rng where you can actively mitigate or work around. It’s considered good rng to have in your game. In this case let’s say hit chance, hit chances can be increase by positioning and other factors that the player can influence. As such the player can minimize the bad rolls. Uncontrollable rng or bad rng are those that make the players feels like they have completely no control over.


I mean, sure, I was aware of that, what I said was that the game seems to emphasize on RNG more than tactical placement. I played it a few months ago.


I think it’s got a good balance of rng and tactic. The rng never seems to be the one controlling the show, the tactical side minimize the negative rng and maximize the positive. So you always feels in control. It makes the game more exciting and each run different. It’s not the old school tactical rpg where every run is the same. Sometime you will get shit rng, but the game provide plenty of ways for you to play around it. Lost a dude early on because of a bad roll? Well just get another, no big deal, those guys aren’t special or anything. That kinda thing.


I’ll try again sometime else. I visited the forums for tips and came in with a few complaints, but the users themselves said it was inactive.


Have you tried reading the Steam guide?
The one titled “Fritz’s treatise” or something is a godsend. It’s basically BB for beginners (not starter/newbie, mind you).
The other one I consistently open in my sessions is “Broscience,” which have a chart of a Bro’s background vs. his base stats.


No, I haven’t read anything besides the game’s base tips and tutorial, thanks.


When you get Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassins Creed Origins and Watch Dogs 2 all for Christmas at the same time and you’ve also got to finish those Hitman 2 Christmas Challenges for the Santa suit and-


Girlfriend got me into Sun and Moon despite my constant complaining about how suffocatingly restrictive and insultingly easy it is.

I rebel in small ways.

Battle Brothers mentioned elsewhere on this thread seems really fun and I might check it out after the holidays.


I don’t know, Pokemon Sun and Moon was somewhat hard for me. I don’t want to spoil anything(I don’t know if you have finished the game or not) but when you get near the end your kind of spammed with Pokemon battles. (also that one rival you met somewhere near the beginning who has a pretty powerful Pokemon that you can’t even catch in the wild.)


I’m only just past the first city and I’ve never fought anyone with more than two pokemen or with a Pokemon of higher level than mine.


Yeah the beginning mostly easy if you pick the right starter.(unfortunately I picked the grass type and never picked another Pokemon so I struggled at the start.)


I haven’t even been using my starter! I have a huge team.

My grimer and ghastly have been doing the heavy lifting.


After extensive research (2 hours) in Yakuza 0. Ive come to the conclusion that…mahjong is really confusing


I’ve mentioned this before, but Mahjong has a really scary potential to be addictive once you actually understand what’s going on. This is doubly true of Japanese Mahjong, where players are required to place all their discards in front of them in order and every player is solely responsible for the payment of any hands they deal into.

This means that anyone can hold their own in Mahjong if they are able to understand the conditions for Yaku (points), avoid Furiten (forming a hand with no points or one that cannot be called) and deduce the state of the game from the discards and understand what tiles are ‘safe’ and what are ‘dangerous’ (likely to complete another player’s hand). This also means far less salt since you don’t pay for anyone else’s mistakes (not counting self-draw wins, of course).

Once you can do this, Mahjong suddenly turns into a deeply tactical game of cut-and-thrust. You try to bait other players into dealing into your hand while keeping out of harm’s way yourself. Sometimes you make hard choices between forming a high-scoring hand, a quicker hand with a wider wait, or a hand that waits on unlikely tiles and is thus easier to win off other players. And the usual calls (Chi, Pon, Kan, Riichi) suddenly become viable tactical tools to shake confidence or redirect the flow of the game.

(All this is opposed to simply waiting for 4 triplets and a pair and spamming the button for Riichi, as most people unfamiliar with mahjong tend to do - at this point they’re just playing Slots. They also become very easy to read.)

Seriously, give Mahjong a chance and it might become your newest hobby. I’ve spent more hours on Mahjong in every Yakuza game than every other minigame.


Okay, I got a Switch. Smash is in the mail and Into the Breach just got downloaded. Any other suggestions? I tend to lean more toward RPGs and story-based titles (not a shock given the nature of this place, of course).


Banner Saga.


Both are good story titles, but the Banner Saga really has impactful choices.


Octopath Travel is one of the games I’ve been looking for when I get a Switch. More toward classical jrpg, with eight stories for eight characters.
I’d reccomand the remake/remaster of The World End With You (I don’t know if is out yet) I loved the DS version. Great story, same character design/producers of Kingdom Hearts (the characters of TWEWY appear in KH Dream Drop Distance too, in fact)