GaaaaaMeeeeees (Board Games and Video Games)


You collect a set then you can craft the badge which give you steam xp, emotes and background. Or sell them on the market. I used to go pretty hard on those back when it first came out, trying to craft badges for all the games I played. These days I only do it for ones I really like


Awesome! But all the outrage from people about getting this suit, jeez…

Greg’s tweet goes onto a long thread, a very good one.

I’m quite excited for it as well, looks very fun with the traversal and combat, though I’ll get it on PC when I eventually finish my desktop build so I can avoid the mandatory subscription costs for PS+ to do multiplayer.

It’s also the reason why I’ve avoided games like Destiny and Overwatch on PS4 and just stick with single-player games on there. I would definitely try them out, I just don’t want to pay extra on PS+ so I’m able to play them properly with multiplayer. Hence, I’ll wait to try them out on PC.

Regarding sales…

All three games + their soundtracks = £17.41
What a deal!

Bought Bastion, Transistor and Pyre a couple of days from the PS Store because they’re also having a sale on all three games. Ideally, I wanted to get Bastion and Transistor on the Switch but their Christmas sales overall are disappointing, so I went back to PS4.

In an announcement on Cloud Imperium’s corporate blog, the company said it would spend the money on “marketing for Squadron 42 [the single-player campaign] and Star Citizen and various business development initiatives.”

What the…


Ah yes, I agree. I only play online games on my pc, I refuse to pay the psn :rofl:


Understandable. Once I make the move to PC, I’ll be glad for no online multiplayer subscription fees as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

At least PS+ and Xbox Live Gold are still a lot better than Nintendo Switch Online.

Still surprised I managed to play the first three Mass Effect games on my potato laptop, but it was definitely worth it. Dragon Age: Origins, Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Destiny 2 that are sitting in my PC game library have yet to be played (and Steins;Gate I’m nowhere near finished) but I’ll wait for my desktop.

Regarding Supergiant Games, I finished watching the first part of Noclip’s new documentary on Supergiant’s latest game Hades and it’s amazing:

Noclip are so good.


I’d recommend Da or the first Deus Ex the if your playing on a potato, and if you’re getting more games I’d always recommend Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen.


I really need to hold back on buying even more games, haha.

On top of the games I’ve mentioned above, I have AC Origins left unfinished (both the main story and DLCs), the Spider-Man DLCs (currently going through Black Cat’s one), Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and the post-game content for Super Mario Odyssey. :cold_sweat:


Oh it’s old enough, you can probably get it on a good deal, it’s one of Capcom’s greatest hits… do it.

Seriously though it’s great and probably has the best video game dragon in existence.

Cries in poverty*


A 1h livestream by Bandai Namco on upcoming Ace Combat 7. Starring the 2 most prominent figures of community, ACF (Ace Combat Fan YT channel) and sly (mod at Acepedia). Discussed topics are lore, soundtrack, control scheme, VR missions, multiplayer, etc.


I have money for Code Vein. Hoping I can keep it that way…


Found Snorlax and he’s blocking the damn pathway!

I call that a good purchase. :+1:

Now, time for more Eevee reactions!

Sneezing Eevee.

Disappointed Eevee.


Just use a flute


Yep, eventually. Still need to do some stuff before I’m able to get that, though.


Dont even play the game. Didnt know they’re still doing that snorlax flute thing lol


Not many games have interested me recently, atm I’m impatiently waiting for Sunless Skies to come out of early access.


Just finished Marvel’s Spider-Man’s final part of the City Which Never Sleeps trilogy, minus some side mission content… but I have to say it’s been awesome to effectively get a second game with the combined content so quickly. No spoilers but there’s some genuine surprises in the third part and I enjoyed the final boss, plus something with my comic knowledge about a certain character I should have seen coming… but it definitely means the next game will have some meaty follow up content to work with. Unless we might get some new DLC, given the positive sales so far…


So, I’ve recently playing Battle Brothers. Have you tried it, yet?

It’s basically turn-based strategy on hex-grid map with the grittiness level of Xcom, with all that perma-death and bits of storytelling elements. The setting takes place on fantasy early medieval period and they pretty much simulate the “realism” of weapons/armor interaction (hammer is anti armor, sword is not tiring to use, warbows are actually tiring to use, etc.)

And since we’re on winter sale, it also got a discount.
The soundtrack is enchanting, too. Like this 5-min one, for example.

Favorite video game soundtrack?

Heres an advice ahead of time: dont be afraid to replace your starting soldiers, their stats and stat growth aren’t as good as people you can recruit later on. Keep the guy with the axe tho, I like him (emotionally not mechanically)


Savescumming ftw, biatch!
Nah, I’ve learned it the hard way. A bro got a broken leg from previous undead fight, and right at the next encounter, he got left behind while the whole squad retreats, thanks to my incompetence of not rotating him out from the fighting roster. This particular moments is so dramatic that I decided not to savescum.

Still, if at the start of the fight I’m placed right below a mountain while the enemies rain down 50% arrows from the top, insta alt+f4.


I think the community for the game is dead though and as a casual I can’t help but be devastated on the easiest difficulty. Imho this is more RNG than tactics.


What does this phrase mean, I’ve never seen it before? It kinda sounds like “dead weight” to me. You must harden your heart. On the battlefield, a wounded soldier is as good as dead. Let them go.

@N1GHTMAR3 the game is a small indie game that doesnt have multiplayer so it wouldnt be played for long. Also I didnt see the RNG at all. Pretty much all rng in the game is controllable by you anyway. Oh and dying is normal, sometime I get shit start as well. Just start a new run. Definitely not a game to play if you want to feel like invincible gods