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I’ve Just started AC: Odyssey and i’m not enjoying it as much as i enjoyed AC: Origins. Does anyone else feel this way?
I find the quests are a bit few and far between too…


I haven’t played the previous games but the beginning quest for Odyssey seems more moderate and okay as an introduction to the world.

I would suggest finishing the first island as soon as you can if you find the quests lacking. I left some quest behind before coming back to some of it since not all of them are required to do.


Personally, AC:Odyssey is a alright game if this didn’t happened to be an AC game. I’m fortunately willing to picture this as anything else, otherwise I would have not decided to play it. As @resuri08 said, continue playing and see if it grows on you.

Also, in other optimistic news,


you get more later on more island . You have ‘timed missions’ , '‘impact missions’ as well…

beside there is alot to do…trolling soldier in fort…beat any quest :rofl:


We can all flail now. :grin:


Nice, very nice. Hue hue hue

I have been waiting for this suit.


here for all you pokemon nerds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and for amazon users…


Wait, hold up! Is that the Raimi suit?!


It’s free till there’s no more of them, run and get yours!


so how do you redeem this thing? do I have to install it or something?

nvm got it

edit: For steam users , don’t forget to go VOTE for the Nomineeeeeee of your choice for each category before its tooo late!


Nice deal! Sadly I don’t play games these days on my laptop, I’m instituted to consoles now…

And yes that’s the Sam Rami suit! Definitely giving it a use when the final part of the Hammerhead trilogy comes out tomorrow…



next mass effect like ?


Ah, isn’t that one great game with shite crowdfunding scheme? So is it actually going ever to be released?



we got time to get nuked before that game show its nose :laughing:

Awww…BW and EA Slap peoples in the face , and you still find peoples like this guy who wanna give them a chance…wanna be wrong…will wait and see…

and omg! seriously?! Arghh!!!

I wish I could meet the dev who is so proud of Anthem…so I can throw my copy of MEA at his forehead ! BOING! AIM AND THROW ! :rofl:


I feel bad for those of you that don’t like playing cooperative games (or those of you that don’t have a proper internet connection), but to me this sounds suuuuuuuper good.

I am actually super exited to buy Anthem, I really like the idea of the fantasy shooter (I really enjoyed Destiny, with the shooter and the powers), specially if it is story driven. I am really curious as to where the story is going to lead, not gonna lie :smiley:

Also, I think Anthem doesn’t really upset me because all my hopes on single rpg are set on Cyberpunk, to be honest :rofl:


Time will tell if Anthem is a success but they really haven’t done anything as much promotion on the thing or seem able to convince people it’s more than a Destiny wannabe. And if it likely fails, it’s probably goodbye for BioWare. :sob:


has nothing to do with not playing cooperrative . I did that with Divinity original Sin 1 and 2 , and it was alot of fun . (with the right person that is) .

and I play MMO…

its about half assed released game and how Anthem supposed to be the new coming…urgh…

slap in the face is what it is…


My friend who I play destiny with(and 2 as well) was in the alpha and he loved it. Said it was exactly what you expect from a BioWare game just a different style of game.


Yeah and open those mystery doors and go thru your queues to get trading cards and stuffs. Itll get you a couple bucks


yeah …

wait…what do you mean ??? I keep getting these cards…wth are they for :joy:

play Uno with them ? :laughing: