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Bought my first proper Pokémon game, Let’s Go Eevee, which arrived in the post today:

Played just under 2 hours of it so far, it’s great! Got the first gym badge and I really like both the visuals and music in this game. Considering the next mainline Pokémon games are coming out next year, this should hopefully prepare me a bit for them.

Also, Eevee is so adorable. I’m likely to spend a lot of time just petting her.


can you post gigglypuff pokemon? ohhh and what about that one…snore-something XD


Haven’t reached that far in the game yet, though eventually I’ll get those two.


I played this pokemon game once…and mannn…all the pokemon looked weird . Like nothing similar…guess traditional ones from the show :sweat_smile:


That’s third generation of pokèmon :laughing:
I feel old…I played the original pokèmon red and blue…in spanish! Because were cheaper than in Italian!

Than I got pokèmon yellow from a friend, silver and Crystal…and so on…I stopped at Black and White, but this year I started Moon…it was a little shoking being able to personalyze my character! I may buy a Switch next year just for the new pokèmon game…


I take your word for it lol I jumped the bandwagon when Digimon showed up…which I liked better to be honest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, the show was better. No doubt. But the games not so much…at least the ones that I played at the time. But Digimon story: cyber sleut on the PS4 was quite cute!


I didnt even know they made a game out of that one :sweat_smile:


I think both digimon and pokèmon were born as videogames, actually :smile:
Is just that fewer Digimon games came to the west.
I think for now there are two Digimon story games, and Digimon world on PS4. And one was announced, but still little is know about it…


I never did finish any of the Pokémon game probably because I want to level them up all that I got burnout. :joy: But this one looks more casual (no grinding). I plan to get this once I got my Switch. =)


I feel bad that I have always had a bit of dislike for Pokemon because when I was at school in the late 90’s you either liked Pokemon or Star Wars and I was always the latter… :sweat_smile:


I’ve been playing the game since it released. I love the game, or I really want to love it. There are a lot of neat ideas here. But the execution is terrible. I’m not talking about bugs either. Yes there are a lot of them, and yes a lot of them are game breaking. But I’m willing to chalk it up to them being a small, inexperienced studio. What I’m talking is that the game is just not very fun to play. Playing the game feels more like a chore tha entertainment. Fun ideas are made into annoying mechanics. There are a lot of baffling design decisions in the game. Still the potential is there, I dont thing this game can be fix. But I think the studio has potential.



Reinstalled Left 4 Dead 2 on a whim a week back and it threatened to mildly take over my life! It’s a super well designed game that’s really fun. A hell of a lot of work was put into its design decisions. It’s easy to see all the ways in which, were it made today, it could have been monetised to hell and back, and it shows admirable restraint that the developers not only kept it pay-once-and-play-forever but also fostered a modding community with simple tools and built-in workshop support.

I found that it was constantly distracting me while I was working, so yesterday I binged the entire campaign, from the rooftop of Dead Center to the bridge crossing of the Parish, all in one go, beginning to end, and then uninstalled it. I’m good for a long while. Very productive today, btw.


steam award Nomineeeeeee WOooooo Go ACO!!! :partying_face:


Currently 50% off with additional 12% off in GMG except for the season pass😂 Seriously, next time I’m going to buy a game from Ubisoft, I’ll just wait for the holiday sale. lmao


Wait what? I swear there was a poll not long ago. Is this the same one or are they giving our awards every sale now?


a poll ? this is a steam thing…

happen a while ago…where you could choose the categories yourself…


Oh yeah that was the nomination poll. This is the nominees from that. These things blend together after a while. Now I’m just doing it for the badge and xp.


so this is dated…but so hilarious :rofl: