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Very interesting. I suspect I will have questions.


You have sold the game for me, that’s for sure.


Our influence grows! evil cackle Hope you’ll enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Also. Although having lots of windows is perfect to gaze at pretty things, THEY ARE A STRUCTURAL WEAKNESS NONETHELESS. Source: my whole playthrough


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Yeah free games on epic store is great. Just don’t buy anything from them yet. The customer experience us horrid on epic store. Oh and Subnautica is great.


Geth? What’s that? We’re no such thing. There’s also an undeniable general consensus that you shouldn’t use windows. When there’s linux.


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@Willow_Felya_G Oh crap. How did it leak so early?!


A source I know took a secret video of EA and Bethesda community feedback team. Take a look, I’ll delete it later.



more freebies ? if you guys seen any…plz post them :stuck_out_tongue:


US only though, a shame.

New gameplay footage of Granblue Fantasy: Relink, an upcoming ARPG developed by PlatinumGames and published by Cygames. Art direction by Hideo Minaba (art director of FFIX and FFXII), and music by Nobuo Uematsu and Tsutomu Narita.

This looks amazing! The visuals are gorgeous and the gameplay will be undoubtedly solid with Platinum as the developer.

Also based on what I’ve heard from the game’s soundtrack, it’s going to be a treat for sure.

Japan knock it out of the park when it comes to soundtracks for their mobile games. I mean, the legendary Nobuo Uematsu is one of its composers!

Some screenshots of the game from its official website:

And the character designs for the MC:


The female MC looks so cute???

I’m a sucker for a pretty girl in a dress with a huge ass sword.


There’s a character page on the official site with more designs:

This looks like some special move.

Design for one of the game’s primal beasts. Phew.


Ok between that and Grandblue Fantasy Versus, what’s up with Japan and this series? I knew it’s big but damn they must love grandblue fantasy over there.

@E_RedMark r/Freegamestuff


Granblue Fantasy is huge in Japan, easily one of the most popular gacha games out there. It reached over 21 million registered players in June. 2 months before that, it reached 20 million:

When Cygames were at the 2015 Tokyo Games Show, they had a booth the same size as Sony’s just for Granblue Fantasy:

But of course, some players do spend a ton of money on games like this, such as:

It isn’t as popular as Fate/Grand Order for instance, the Fate franchise is much more popular worldwide. But it’s definitely still highly popular in Japan and with the upcoming PlatinumGames title, their international player base will probably increase by a lot.


I have seen gameplay for this game and it looks good(mostly visual) I’m saddened it’s not really available anywhere outside of Japan(definitely since from what I’ve seen from looking at the characters for the game it seems like it appeals to both female and male fanservice, and that seems like a double win.) but I guess I’ll stick with Fire Emblem and Korean app games.


That’s true. Granblue does have an English edition of its official website but the game runs off the Japanese server with an English translation added as an option for overseas players. Like you said, there isn’t an official English release of it.

It can actually be run from a browser via this link:

Then you can change the language to English via the above option. Maybe when they localise Relink in the west and if it performs very well, they’ll decide to release an official English version of the mobile game.

Relink performing well is likely, at least in Japan anyway, since Granblue as mentioned before is highly popular and it has PlatinumGames’ name attached which may attract more overseas players.


The wizard is wise indeed


So… Pathfinder Kingmaker’s first DLC includes:

  • Tieflings as a playable race (with alot of different variations like Grim- or Foulspawn)
  • Kineticists as a playable class
  • A new (romanceable) companion (2 actually.)