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Heroes of the Storm is officially dead. I was never a huge fan of blizz, but many of my friends are. One of my best friend is a huge Blizz fan and it’s sad to see his favorite company becoming like this. This is what happen when a were lives in a culture that put too much emphasis on the sales personnel and not on the artists/engineers that create a product.


Nice! I still need to play Yakuza Kiwami and the games after. So far I’ve only completed the main story for Yakuza 0, which was fantastic, and there’s still a lot of side stuff I haven’t completed like Majima’s cabaret club and Kiryu’s real estate. Going to finish Spider-Man and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee which should arrive today or tomorrow, then I may look into Kiwami as my next game.

Some more tracks ripped from Judge Eyes’ demo, the second also sounding like Shoji’s style. I need the full soundtrack, SEGA.


Apparently, Obsidian discussed the idea, but according to Reeve, they decided that “romance quests are hard and involve a lot of work,” and decided not to develop the concept further.

Sooo…asking them to actually work harder would be a crime huh lol considering how ‘fluff’ the romances were in fallout 4…the ‘hard and lot of work’ make me roll my eyes…oh wait…I actually can do it …here :roll_eyes:


I think what they meant is that they are hard to do well. The ones in Fallout 4 were passable at best and I’m sure Obsidian wants to just focus on the aspects that people have been missing the most from their iterations of the Fallout franchise which was the true sense of rpg mechanics. Plus they haven’t done romances in a game yet that I know of and I rather them focus on doing what they do best instead of something they are unfamiliar with which I find to be the issue with a lot of the studios who used to be great once.

Bioware’s Anthem and Beth’s Fallout 76 are both products of that, putting a team who are good at making one thing on something totally different and usually it’s the fans that suffer.


KOTOR 2 probably had the most complex and leaning towards dangerous territory love triangles in the game. All just so they want to get with the MC. Admittedly, it’s not a romance per se, but I’d wager this can qualify for other people. Now, whilst I’d like the Outer Worlds to have romance, I can tolerate no romance with them. After all, not all games can be BioWare.


that kinda contradict what you said though . They were making single player games and now they are making MMO-co-op-sandbox-money-sink-thing-hybride .

the fans will always suffer no matter what . So that doesn’t apply really . Corp will always hear something and the fans will say something else . I say QUNARI and I get Humans with Horns .


The fans do not always suffer, i’m just saying they are more likely to in those situations. Mostly that seems to come from the unholy trinity (Activision, WB, Ubisoft) who usually set a trend and pretty much force a studio or in-house team they own to make a game to fit into whatever trend it is at the time. Happened with mmos, mobas, battle royale, and now live services where everything is meant to be played forever…yet still want you to buy a sequel eventually.

My point was these publishers don’t let devs work on the things they bought them for in the first place all the time. So far companies like id, Machine Games, Rocksteady, and NeatherRealm have been able to keep doing stuff they are great at though.



Call of duty: WWII
Roblox - Phantom Forces
Garrys Mod

Love these games.


Subnautica is free.


Wait, I thought it was like 70$ dollars?


Whatever its cost was, it is free now.


Well then… I’m still not buying it.

Edit: playing it.


Epic games store will have something like weekly giveaway, if I’m not mistaken. This session, it’s Subnautica.


Freebies are always a great motivator for a new store. Kudos to Epic for promoting it right so far. Y’know, instead of the stupid “How do we gather a userbase? I know, let’s platform lock our games behind it!”

PS: subnautica is a great game, you should try it people! Just disable thirst/hunger meters, as they only detract from experience, imo. Otherwise it’s a stellar exploration treat with exceptional atmosphere and a nice story.


is it on steam ? for free? otherwise…I’m tired of creating new account for this and that…:disappointed_relieved:


Both on steam and gog. Not free.

I would still strongly recommend it, the game’s well done and you can see the devs put great care and detail in creating it.


yeah but its a ‘survive alone on a beach-forest-tundra-whatever’ kinda of game right ?

Those game bore me to hell…I have no man’s sky…and I can barely get trough that one…the whole explore…craft…urghh…


I, too, am not a big fan of survival games. The difference with subnautica here is that the whole experience is more tightly controlled, thanks to narrative, game design and unique world (underwater starts from cute and pleasant in upper levels to downright terrifying the deeper you go). There’s a definite ending in the story you must reach, so it’s not just a time waster sandbox. Resource management can be a pain, yes, but the base building is fun and engaging. In the end, even with all its little quirks it’s a huge net positive in my book. Just disable hunger meters from get go if you don’t like survival stuff, it’s in the options.

Give it a try. Since it’s free on the epic store now, you won’t lose anything but time.


thanx for trying lol really! but SCARY STUFF are a big NO NO for meh .

my friend used to tell me (she was a big fan of everything scary…kinda immune to fear really)…that if you are scared , you don’t have time to be bored . I told her , I take being bored over being scared . :sweat_smile:

well I have Ark survival evolved…so it kinda cover the itch of wasting time building and such .