GaaaaaMeeeeees (Board Games and Video Games)


I am not much into Sci-fi (the reason why I haven’t bought ME when it was on sale last Black Friday) but those descriptions makes me want to try this out.


are you saying you never played Mass effect serie ???


Yes. I might try it out before my Origin access ends. The first one is free to play, actually all four base game are… XD



poke you are real right ??? poke some more…how is that even possible ??? To be part of the cult of tha shepard !! the smexy asariii…the krogan Quads!!!


:joy: Unfortunately, I am real. I am more into fantasy when I play games, with forest, mountains and such rather than stars and galaxies. I might give it a try soon. I got my DA rhythm back and start playing DAI again after a month hiatus I think. I kept forgetting that I’m playing DA instead of AC… lmao I kept hitting the dodge key but I remembered that there’s no dodge key in DA:I.


well hope you’ll enjoy it when you get there lol


What is this? I dont recognize this term. Can someone tell me what this mean?


load of dialogues options usually mean , the dialogues aren’t just :

1- yeah I take the quest
2- Nah I pass
3- how about you sweeten the deal ?

it has stuff (saw a screenie on steam)…it has Intimidation % and such…

so that mean you can tailore your character with stats and dialogues .

Normal dialogue , the only difference would be the tone like angry…joker…kind…greedy .


How am I supposed to juggle this and cyberpunk next year? Truly a blessing.



It was a joke, cause rpg these days gives yyou laughable amount of options (i.e Fallout’s Yes, No, Sarcasm). So much wo that most people don’t even know what that term means anymore


I know right ? lol

Though…if this game don’t have a third person view…I may use it to practise…for when cyberpunk get here…:sweat_smile:


Definitely worth trying the ME series, the first game is on Steam for £7.99.
I consider that a bargain price since I got 50 hours out of it and I could’ve gotten more if I did more playthroughs.

Then again, you have Origin Access so that would be the better route as all the games are on there like you said. :slightly_smiling_face:

This probably won’t ever happen but if the OT with all DLC ever comes to the Switch, oh boy, I’d buy that ASAP.

Also reading more into The Outer Worlds:

Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, the creators of the Fallout series, served as the game’s directors.

The duo directors described the game as “the combination of Boyarsky’s dark morbidity and Tim’s silliness”, and they hoped to seek a balance between silliness and drama when creating the game’s tone and narrative.

That’s some duo. :open_mouth:

Romantic options were initially considered, but the feature was eventually cut by the studio.

A shame, but apparently this was cut due to budget restrictions which is understandable.


Nothing lost really. Their romances were never something to write home about anyways.


Snakkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeee! Oh heck yeah I am interested in getting this.


Better get in on that early then, and have north of 100 dollars. I wanted to get the dark souls board game, but it’s pretty pricey


A good friend of mine got to play the Anthem alpha. Now for NDA reason he can’t go into detail but he did say this: I asked him if he could describe the game in one word, he said ‘BioWare’ and said that the jet pack system from andromeda, the flying around in the javelins is what they were trying to do with that. An evolution if you will.


theories…some are wrong from the comment lol

Honestly…since DAI dissapointed me on the front of the chantry , hopefully they won’t chicken in this one . I wanna see egg head Tear down the Veil ! then I get to kick his ass! Chaos first…Justice follow :rofl:


Judge Eyes/Project JUDGE (or the official English title “Judgment”) released in Japan today, with the western localisation releasing in summer 2019.

There’s a new track uploaded on YouTube from the second demo. Not the best quality but it’s still something:

@Elseguard This track is absolute fire and it sounds like Hidenori Shoji’s style. Based on what I’ve heard from the game’s soundtrack so far, I think it’s on par with Yakuza 0’s soundtrack. SEGA’s sound team are incredible.

The full soundtrack for Judge Eyes also came out today :grinning:


Oooh! I didn’t know it was coming out so soon over there! I am seriously thinking about importing the soundtrack cause that one song sound pretty good already. Recently I have been busy playing through Fist of The North Star and Yakuza Kiwami 2. I bought them when they first came out but couldn’t play them due to some family issues at the time. I’m soooo ready for Judgement already though!


Wooh! Also Into The Spider-Verse Peter as a costume, interesting… sad that we’re not getting Superior Spider-Man either.

Glad I waited for both of these to be bundled together!