Funniest/Worst CS Mistakes


Yes, this is about ChoiceScript, but it isn’t about help with ChoiceScript, rather it’s about everyone’s funniest or worst mistakes when using ChoiceScript which is why I put this in Off-Topic. If I’m wrong I do apologize.

As the topic name says… What is your funniest or worst mistakes you ever made with ChoiceScript?
I think one of my funniest/worst one was that I was creating several *Temp, but I forgot the asterisk a.k.a *. So when I previewed my game rather than reading the beginnings of my prologue I read Temp Temp Temp. I was rather tired at the time of making it, but when I saw that it just made me burst in laughter.


I spent an entire day figuring out what I did wrong when I typed *line_brake instead of *line_break


I messed up a flag about whether or not your suave Demon had a live-in lover. If they didn’t, their devoted lover/roommate was naturally nonexistent and Undefined.

I had a bug where if you were taking a bath on Day 2, Undefined might burst into the bathroom and ask if you wanted to have sex with them. It was all kinds of creepy.


I probably had two that are tied on one place…

First was in my very first game, and I had a genderfluid character. One moment you had a stoic lady to talk to, the next a broody man answered your questions… It was all kinds of weird °^^

Another one is where I just forgot to delete a test-scene out of the startup file and everyone who played FAWR could read about what I had planned for the next chapter of the game. And yeah, it was really weird when someone told me “You probably didn’t wanted to have that scene in there, right?”…


When @Cecilia_Rosewood was showing how to compile your scenes. My brain thought the compile folder (which was clearly named Compile) was actually a folder called Index

I had absolutely no idea what was wrong until I told her about my dunce mistake.


I had a scene where the MC can, in lieu of a weapon, pick a branch off the ground, which temporarily set weapon to ‘branch’, but I forgot to set it back to ‘none’ after that scene, so in a later scene another character could ask the MC if they knew how to use … a branch :pensive:


Sounds like Undefined was very needy.

Is it bad that I started doing that half-way through chapter 1 of my game? Despite having done *line_break multiple times.

You’re just all kinds of stuff @Nathan_Faxon


An off forum family tester told me a few hours ago that her MC had gone from being atop a horse on a cliff (where she was watching some soldiers below), to drowning in the river that had until a second ago had been many many meters beneath her.

She was pretty nice about it and said hadn’t got upset because when she continued on she appeared back on her horse again on top of the cliff.

Grabbed my laptop and started searching the demo for that one pretty sharpish


I once used *choice when I mean to use a *fake_choice, and vise versa.


I’ve laughed (snickered) quite a lot reading through these.

I guess for me the worst mistake is an emberassing one. I had this sex-scene in my game where I’d copy/pasted from the partner being a woman to the partner being a man and then edited the latter. Apparently in one branch I’d missed doing this, so down that branch you’d start with the guy and end up with the gal.


Are you sure spelling embarrassing wrong wasn’t the funniest mistake you made? Jk


Oh, I always spell emberassing wrong. XD You see? It’s unfortunately engrained on me improperly.


When I was working on my first ever story I didn’t really know how line or page breaks worked so I just had none. Giant blocks of text. The only time they would break is if I had a choice. xP

Bad times man.


This isn’t nearly as great as Undefined Sex, but…

At the end of the first half of Guenevere II, Guen and Lancelot can part ways, and if they’re in a romance, they have a big kiss as they say goodbye. I accidentally put the kiss under *if (lreltype != “romance”) instead of *if (lreltype = “romance”), so for the first few hours after I posted those scenes, I had a bunch of people freaking out either because Lancelot kissed Guen (and she liked it) immediately after he’d been told never to touch her again, or because his farewell seemed distressingly unaffectionate after they’d just had sex in the woods. All because of one pesky exclamation mark.

(At least it was the easiest bug ever to fix.)


Well… Guenevere could be bi-polar and Lancelot probably has a lot on his mind… :sweat_smile:


Over at XoR, there was a bit where if you were super friendly to a visiting noble, I meant to increase their relationship variable – but instead I increased a different variable which meant the game thought you’d kidnapped them.

Readers were confused that despite being warm and welcoming, the noble and his retainer still acted as if they were terrified for their lives (“apparently I had to reassure them that I wasn’t going to kill them and wear their faces as hats.”)

In the same update, you also could accidentally trigger a bit of dialogue where you ask a character “when did you plan to inform me that you had murdered [the visiting noble]?”… even if they hadn’t murdered them. This was first reported in an inspired if slightly confusing bit of fanfic (for reference: everything after “informed me of their name” did not actually happen, but is entirely in keeping with the character and the gameworld):


I think that’s just proof that learning lasts forever. Even after dying and becoming one of the undead.


I remember another poor mistake I did. When compiling the original version of my WIP I forgot to add in the ending scene and the goto_scene ending so once people reached the end of the WIP they would get error messages and 404 errors, instead of the ending scene.

I didn’t realize that for maybe a week or two. Possibly longer.


Mistake by use ‘&’ in place of ‘and’ then take about 30 mins to figure it out what I did wrong…yeah.


At least you can figure out your mistakes in 30 minutes. :sweat_smile: