[FULL PUBLIC BETA BUILD] An Unexpectedly Green Journey (orc life-simulator) (WIP) [55K UPDATE, 27th March 2024, 1.54 Million Words Total]

Well although most of the guide are created by fans, i believe that only you as the author can make the perfect guide, especially since this game has so many different and wonderful paths and endings.

of course you can take rest as much as you want you really deserve it.
some of the most useful guides i read are for the game like zombie exodus safe haven and choice of the rebels.

I really can’t wait for the official realse of this wonderful game and playing all the path.

You have my utmost respect for creating such a amazing game in so little time.

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Your words mean a lot- and I know it is a cliche, but knowing that people like a creation of mine really makes me very happy and pushes me on to finish things. So thank you for making me happy!!!

This game, a massive CYOA/Fighting Fantasy gamebook-style thing, has been something I have wanted to do for a very long time. For not as long, just several years, I also wanted to make an expansive story about an orc’s life, from birth to death- they are fun to write about! Very unpretentious. So these two things have combined here!

At some point, soon after I have proofread, fiddled with and submitted my game (because I must be disciplined!), I’ll hunt down those suggested guides and see if I can put one together. Although I can’t give a timeframe for a finished guide, it does depend on life and circumstances.

Cheers to you and your green journeys and thanks for your support!


Hey great game btw, the simulator is seriously good and the paths are seriously diverse though the chief and diviner paths are seriously tough in their endgame fights and I still haven’t cleared them and don’t really wanna restart but the other paths are amazing. Even still I loved this as I love simulator kind of games and there aren’t that many games like this out there. I found some bugs in the game so thought I’d let u kno:-

  1. In the son naming ceremony when I named my son the strong name, the dialogue by snooky when we choose our name as ‘loon’ appears, dunno about the other names.

  2. During the young adult orc time (when we can adventure) if I use the inbuilt save system by you and save at some point then and then reload back it skips to the snooky death event everytime and starts the mature orc path.

  3. In the powers of beyond path after we kill the king, the feminine voice which talks to us uses third-person pronouns of ‘it’ form instead of first person everytime she talks to us. I thought it might be a bug instead of the way you wrote her.

  4. Dunno if it’s a bug or my device is wack or dashingdon is but the save system (not inbuilt) is wacked. Especially the load function as it gets stuck sometimes and will load the page twice as a single page and also sometimes shows different kinds of errors not loading anything (the reason why I couldn’t win in my diviner path).

Hope it helps and all the best to you to complete the game mate.


Really good work here. Thanks @Prabhu
1)- I have fixed this and will upload it.

  1. With this error, is your orc mature or has he just started travelling?

ALSO- Is this using one the TESTER save game states, or one you have created by starting out from being a baborc?

This might also be the case if your orc is turning 32 and has legitmately travelled the young orc path- this is the age when maturity kicks in.

This may be due to me extending the travelling portion of the game from young into mature age. But, if it is taking your young orc into the mature orc section preemptively, then I’ll need to fiddle with things more.

  1. Here, the Lady refers to your orc as an ‘it,’ contemptuously. So little does she like you that she strives to corrupt her grammar! :smiley:

  2. I can’t ‘intentionally’ affect DashingDon’s own save system. One thing I will say is that at the moment I have reading through things and making regular uploads. This may cause issues for players playing the game as certain files, lines and variables might be changed or adjusted.

EDIT- The shaman path has been re-uploaded severel times over the last several days- this might have mucked up the saves on DashingDon.

Thanks for all this. Big big help and cheers for playing the game. I appreciate the support:D

EDIT: Extra thanks for looking into the save system. With such a long game, I see this as a very valuable function.

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Cheers mate! Looking forward to the official release

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Thnx for the kind words and thumbs up for fixing and checking them all so quickly. Gotta admire the focus you’re giving this project, atleast the game’s in great hands and won’t be just abandoned. :+1::+1:
Now about that mature path problem

If you mean before the error then yes it’s before our orc matures and is currently travelling and no he is nowhere near maturing.

Its from being a baborc

Yes that is exactly what it’s doing on reloading my save.
Hope this helps u and id be sure to look for more problems :wink:
And also how do you access the many job on the royal road path.

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-Sorry for more questions. Was this every time you reloaded a save, while on the young path, or at a particular point?

EDITI have not been able to recreate this error, though have made a minor modifcation which helps to read if you are a non-mature orc when using the in-house save system.

Nope, the game will not be abandoned- not now it is nearing completion. I’m proofreading, bug-squishing and polishing it these days.

To do the odd jobs, once mature and after rejecting the chance to become a shaman, make this choice:

#While Morgorc leaves things to fester, you feel the pull of the road. Perhaps you have outgrown the tedium of daily life. Find a purpose by joining a guild or, even, taking up odd jobs along the Royal Road and, eventually, Grandardgard.


Thanks Fanatic! Great to hear from you again. Hope your own project is going well, I know you’ve given yourself a big, big job!

Cheers to both of you!


Wow, I adore this game! I mean, high fantasy is not exactly something I’d read, but I adore all the storylines and the writing is particularly great! Too bad my workload means I can’t even finish the whole thing currently. :-((

Anyways, I noticed a couple of typos/wonky bits of writing so I figured I’d bring them to your attention.

I thought that perhaps it should be everyone else’s? If you’re talking about essence anyway. If you’re talking about other orcs also surviving, perhaps that could be made more clear?

*in shambles





*wish to

w.r.t. the use of the word psyche, I have only ever read the more common “psych” instead. I did check and psyche seems to be an acceptable, but less common, variant. Figured I’d let you know regardless! :slight_smile:

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Yeah it didn’t happen when I played again today, dunno why

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Hi Happy Potato,

Thanks for your encouragement and for giving my game a go. Fantastic news for me that you enjoyed your time so far!

The wonky bits you found are just the things I need to polish- I find it particularly hard to read through the earlier sections as I am far too familiar with them. I have made the changes- and much prefer psych to psyche, after a bit of research.

I’ll upload the changes in several days after I go over them again myself and see if I catch anything else. At present, I’m concentrating on proofing the later sections, where variables and structure get a bit more complicated.

Appreciate your help, Hope you venture back when work pressure slackens!


This is why it was very helpful to point out the bug. It may have been an anomaly but it prompted me to tighten up a bit of coding. This might have fixed the issue you found.

Everything helps to knit this all together.

Cheers to both of you!


Over the past week or so, I have been proofreading and reuploading scenes as I go, perhaps nearing the halfway mark. Of course some things will escape my notice with proofreading, but I am trying and there’s still much to do!!!

Because of the continuous stream of very small changes, a few involving variables, there is a good chance that old saves may break.


I found a certain scene you can utilize, if you still accept my ideas, chatting with the arena fighters as a top fighter yourself, once you got them drunk enough, you can hear a foreshadowing topic (Arena Fighter Path) you can use to warn your trainer and maybe the emperor (If that is a good idea) what you heard about from the bar (Odd Job Path)

I wanted to say what foreshadowing topic it is, but I don’t want to give out spoilers

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It is a good idea- but since it crosses paths, it might not be simple to implement. It adds to a wider narrative very well.

Right now I am simply proofreading everything. After this is done, I might add a few bits, here and there, and sort out the icon graphics and things, and will definitely keep this for consideration.


I have one very important question… How the hell did I just find out that this game existed? This is hour upon hour of sheer comedy Gold, curse you, world, for not telling me this existed until now


Hi Sujan,

Thanks for playing! It is imperative that all orcs tell their friends and spread the word of Krog!

I love that you enjoyed your time in this world. With a few tweaks here and there, it will soon be ready for the green masses.



And all of CoG would hear the Word of Krog after the game is released


Will this be on Cog or HG?


It will be HG- though I hope CoG readers will enjoy the game too as I imagine those who like Interactive Fiction will play the games from both labels.


Wow! I’ve finished playing through this game on two playthroughs; one as a diplomatic king, and the other as shaman/city mayor. Those well-written routes were impressive enough, but now I hear there are other options? Where are they, Krog-chosen?

Also, while I found the chief route relatively straightforward, I’m not sure what’s going on with the shaman route. All the kingdoms decide to attack us for some reason, and then we have to deal with Krog for ascension?

From what I understand, the overarching narrative is about the rise of demonic entities, Krog’s former creations, and the changes to the orcs as that threat is dealt with?



Hi Aeternitas, great work stamping your will on the world of Krog Pile twice!!!

By default, the other nations do not like the orcs. In the shaman route, the success of your city and the suspicions of the orc god cause the Empire to fear newly resurgent orcs. You are not playing the game of thrones in this path but messing with the very forces of divinity. Rival gods fear the corruption of their own flock and the titling of the balance of power in your favour. Krog is not seen, by the Imperial ecclesiastical authorities, as a benign deity but as a threat. Krog himself does not want to live in harmony with the other deities and they well know this.

In the end, this either stirs the Imperials to launch a crusade, in one branch, or causes Krog to coax you into fighting the gods to ensure his supremacy. As his Chosen One, you are bound to his will- constantly manipulated by him, though to your eventual benefit if you succeed. It is Krog’s will, as he often mentions, and the path of his chosen will never be one of peace.

There is a shorter path, always available, if you become a Big Belly, which can be found in the tribal grounds. If you do not become the shaman or the chief (or Big belly), you will fill your orc’s life with other events- fighting in the arena, joining an adventurer guild, taking odd jobs across the land and/or raiding. These are available by exploring the tribe once your orc become mature (age 33+)

If you take these paths, after a number of years, your orc will eventually became old and enter the old age path. Here, you will finalise your dealings with the world and, perhaps, raise a young pup with the potential for greatness.

Hope this helps, Chosen One!

EDIT: Oh, and there’s the Dark Path- if you are corrupted already and put on the Emperor’s golden mask, you will become a minor deity tasked with destroying the world with demonic powers and minions.


Thank you! And the path where we become king is the ‘canon’ path, correct?

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