Full Contact Ace - first look

Hello forum,

So I decide to post the build I’ve been working on and off for some time (too long) now.

The piece is projected to incorporate action scenes here and there alongside me receiving influence from audiovisual oriented works. While the title itself might lead some people into thinking of something else - that was after going thru a few other names, including The Raid, and that’s before the movie’s trailer even out on the internet - Full Contact Ace is more of a police/criminal setup storywise with emphasis on hard-hitting actions rather than only about specific sports or martial arts. Regardless of what category it falls under, I hope the piece would be enjoyable.

Credits would go to the ever-helpful folks, CJW, Vendetta, Reaperoa, AlexCosarca (for the example for implementing audio), JimD (inventory system), and probably less regular names who have in one way or another helped me back when I started out. Dan, for providing noob-friendly platform for telling a story. I am a noob.

Behind the screen - possible spoilers:
Full Contact Ace was originally a design for a Flash game back in the 2010-ish, heavily inspired by a retro piece called Hostage (Infogrames?) that has the mechanic of what I call one of the precursors to most of the RTS we have today. Gameplay was, of course, real time, featuring upgrades for the weapons/equipments as well as skillsets - CQC, gunplay, intimidation, from what I remember. It’s mostly about your character getting into perimeter to rescue the hostages and rid of the terrorists. The FcA universe though is more than just about those. When I thought about I wanted to write an IF I was probably too lazy to try and come up with something else (also because it’d perpetuate that cycle of jumping from one project to another and never gonna finish anything ever), so I took the main premise and develop on them. The only characters that are brought in from the original prototype are, you probably guessed it, Ace and Kev. But to take further advantage of the narrative format I decided to open up and expand, keeping only a few core elements that I figure would contribute to, uh, getting people hooked.

Behind the behind the screen:
I moved out to Malaysia months ago for a contract job in animation project and the workload so far is overwhelming. I really don’t know how to keep writing from this point. Guess I’d be telling myself that the writing process in itself is going to be fun, or at least supposed to be fun or as fun as when I first started, and worry less about whether it is going to be completed. To date it still is a freshening getaway from what I do during office hour. I hope I’d be able to do it more regularly.

TL;DR version. The demo link.


Of course as per usual, errors are expected to be abound, but let me know how you like it as it is now, what can be improved and so on and so forth.

On last minute I just edited the html shell so that the soundtrack plays only once instead of looped like in my working build. Will get a medley track up there and a few more artwork when I have a proper PC to work with. The Save feature is kind of just there for test purpose now and not very useful to you until I have more content. If you’re accessing the demo on handheld/mobiles, let me know if you encounter something funky.

Also a bit adjustment trimming the end where I left it, so don’t be surprised of things might look a little choppy for now.

Happy belated new year, I hope you enjoy the wip. May this slow internet connection of mine result in no double post.

Grammar error in the statistics, the stamina looked like this StAmiNa.

So far it looks interesting! How many chapters you’re planning to do? And will there be romance choices? :">

Okay played through a couple runs, and it was great. Although for stats I fell like melee, gunnery, strength, and dexterity should be separate from each other.

The typo, heh, it’s from when I needed a quick pointer to locate that part of the whole build and I couldn’t remember which part belongs to the txt stat file or the javascript. So it’s kinda there on purpose, for now. It will of course be cleaned up eventually, thanks for the reminder.

As for the stats themselves, I figured earlier that opposed pair has a more interesting mechanic compared to single bars where everything needs to be maxed out, or it’s rather that the players are likely to be tempted to do so, because traditionally higher points mean better chance to succeed in anything they do in a game. Going with OP I think that the MC will more likely to have character in one or any other way, if that makes any sense. I plan to do some experiment with it. But point taken, I understand that some people like seeing their MC be all-out invincible. I just thought it might be a little, just a little boring to chase after max points.

Thank you, glad you like it!
Chapter count at this point is a little difficult to say. The narrative so far has 20k, and that’s uber rough word count. Seeing that the story hasn’t been taking off anywhere yet I would say that with the draft I have the piece would wind up around 150-200k. Multiple endings, that kind of stuff. Then again I have tendency to, as what’s obvious, use short sentences for the presentation, so we’ll see. Yes, romance is part of the plan, it is not going to be a pure beat-em-up with no human touch. There is a shortlist of characters already, men and women who you can talk to, and then some more if you wish so. I’m also looking forward to get to that part. :slight_smile:

That’s great! I’m looking forward for a next demo. No pressure though… :wink:

I think the dual stat bars make sense in certain parts like if you are a brawler or technique guy. Since you would have a different melee combat style. Although for the melee, gunnery, strength, and dexterity it doesn’t fit. Since just cause you knife a guy you become a terrible shot. Although it would make sense if it was lust or innocent, cold or friendly, etc, etc. That’s just my opinion. Although I do enjoy the game, and I want to try out later chapters of it.

I think it’s really good so far; it definitely has a lot of potential :slight_smile:

I’m working on the dialogue for three separate places plus one for the diner. And some surprise along the way. Will have an update when it gets more polished. :slight_smile:

@ ninja6398
Glad to know you had fun.
I think someone will eventually have to bring that up, that’s a fair input. Storywise your Ace is good at both by default, so while the visual of an opposed pair quickly, naturally looks like you excel in one and suck at other, it could also simply mean that you are “average” at what you didn’t focus on building and expert at what you did. Average is also used rather loosely here since you start as an agent who is on par with everybody else in the security business, which means you have a lot of capabilities by layman standard. But I can see there is potential of the opposed pair being misleading. I agree that using cqc items doesn’t have to cost your firearm skill. One thing I plan on doing with my experiment is to try and balance this.

Good to know, thank you! Let me know if you think of something that may improve the experience, from what is available in the wip so far anyway. What is to come is there’ll be a few field missions with varied results and conversation with the characters to get to know them. That’s a lot to write, lol.

Yééé! Surprises! :slight_smile:

Great start, love merc games

Yes, I guess it would be mandatory, otherwise the story-game wouldn’t be a thriller and audience wouldn’t be thrilled and I wouldn’t be thrilled… :smiley:

Thank you, I look forward to writing more. You kind of sum it up with “merc game.” The chapter 1 has some of it done already, conversation is a challenging part for me to pull off. Will try though. And not forget to have fun while at it.

I might not be showing up here on daily basis due to day job but you guys feel free to leave suggestions and bug report (if any) that I will address later. :slight_smile:

Really good