From Beyond The Stars (Work In Progress)

And that’s exactly why those two are tied. The MC plays a big role in it though. I wasn’t pleased with some of the choices the KoR MC made, but well, that’s what make me loved the game even more. And she was plotting revenge, she obviously was going to make choices that weren’t ideal. I was literally driven to the edge with the game. I literally went like “Why did you do that?!” on every single route, but seeing how she could get past the revenge for the man she loved… Ugh, I’m such a hopeless romantic. cx

I as well, love the IYAT MC. I could relate with her a lot, I mean, not personally, but something like what she was going through happened to my mother. And let’s just say that I cried like a baby playing this one.

These are probably the only two Voltage games that made me cry. cx

Also, do you like otome games as a whole or only Voltage games? I’m just a bit curious. :3

As a whole. I’ve played other otome games from Solmare and Koyonplete. Some computer games too.

It’s nice to see other otome fans out there. I actually started learning Japanese for the sake of them, though I’m certainly interested in its history and culture a lot more than when I started learning the language.

Same here.

great game so far

Thanks @Azraeldrake9 but I’m sad to say that this game has been discontinued. Please


Could you close this thread? Thank you.