From a Different View (Made For Fun)
This is a game I decided to make in my off-time. Not really planning on expanding on it, though I might revisit sometime in the future. The game is just meant to be a short, fun detective game while also serving as a love letter to the Noir genre.

The principal of the game is that the main character is a private detective in the middle of Gilded Age Chicago, and who also happens to be completely blind. The player needs to rely on their other sense to find their way around and solve the case.

This author also recommends having one of the following playing on loop in the background:
L.A. Noire:
Face Noir:
Blackwell Unbound:


I suppose being blind and having killer sword skills is out of the question :slight_smile:

Well it was short but I certainly enjoyed it. Our MC character was unique and I enjoyed reading a story from different view.

This was a ton of fun. I loved the deduction point system—it perfectly balanced solving mysteries yourself and having your player character solve them for you.

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Absolute loved it. Please, if you can, make more of it.