Freefall (Work in progress)

Update on the races. I decided that we can also come from the sona kingdom. An authoritarian kingdom. Home of the proud sonaian. They are tall and pale peoples. They come from the belt, a cluster of islands with ash-like sand. Their main base is the citadel. A big almost hollowed island covered with a gigantic citadel with the inside of the island being the main ship manifacture for their kingdom.

I pledge not to steal it couldn’t anyway can’t code.

I would like to test it

I pledge not to attempt to steal your work. on i side not if we are from Sona Kingdom can we visit our favorite store on the citadel

I won’t steal it I pledge

I just threatened to get a discount why advertise?

I pledge not to steal it.

I won’t steal your game and email is

Can’t write and code won’t steal. For those posting their email I believe u shouldn’t be posting it exactly how it is(do email at yahoo .com) I think bots will copy it and spam u.

@Azul yeah guys. Send them in a pm

if your still looking for testers I’d love to help.

Me too i just signed up to the forums.

Finaly figured out how most of the code work. Im finaly ready to start working seriously on this.

I’ll test?

Personal message me if I can…


Can I test?

Your additions to the Rp were great so I have a feeling this will be fantastic

Anybody got dropbox and would be willing to share it? I dont feek very well with sharing the whole files.

Maybe you can ask the norif writer he was willing to share with doctor.

Idk i dont want to ask directly to him or anyone. I dont want to bother anyone

Do you want anymore testers? If so I would like to.