Freefall (Work in progress)

@FinalFantasyFreak added!

The bigest part of the lore is done with the main map (i suck at art so its mostly a personal reference)

Hey Hey Hey @Cyanide, Glad to see you working on your own project! I’d be interested in joining it (if there’s still space avaiable, of course) I enjoy a lot of Steampunk, so i think i’ll get along pretty well with the game, the best of luck for you, i hope one day i’ll see it in the Hosted Games section in CoG

@kai229 added! I do plan on posting this game to Hosted games. I hope it will be great. I plan on working on this a lot. My first goal is to create meaningfull choices and my second is to give a good feeling of uniqueness to the game world. Wich mean different weapons in each type of fighting style (fighting, marksmanship and pod handling) for aestetic purpose (Ex: a blunderbuss and a musket are not handled the same way and do different type of damage but are still under marksmanship)

Pod Handling? shouldn’t you also add Ship Handling? (If the character obtains a boat, i dunno if you plan on adding it) or maybe you could simply add them to the same category, also, i love games with meaninful choices, and yes, uniqueness to the game world is crucial to a game, otherwise you get that deja’vu feeling, getting them too similar and bland, so both of those certainly are your top priorities, will it be possible for us to be bucaneers? YAAR! :smile:

@kai229 im not a native english speaker so sometimes i cant find the right words for stuff. I will change pod handling to ship handling. There will be opportunities to work with pirates but officialy the character is a member of the grey bird mercenary company. They have very few ships (the grey bird being the bigest and best ship they have) so the MC will have very few opportunities to get a boat (boat owners being the highest ranking members ) but if played the good way, maybe he will have his own.

Understood, will the character start as a sailor/ apprentice and advance through the ranks as the story progresses? also, don’t worry about not finding the correct words, but make sure you review them once in a while to make sure that was the real word you were looking for.

P.S: I’m not a native english speaker either! Hooray!

@kai229 yeah, the character will start as a tweet (lowest rank, not official members and supplied low quality equipement like old pistols and kitchen knives. The MC will decide of his main weapon at the begining trough a pile of random and makeshift weapons and upgrade in the chosen category (Ex: pointed broken stick -> shortenend spear -> billhook)

I See, will the game be more history focused, action focused or character focused? in my personal opinion, all of them are good, if balanced that is, thank you for your time, hope you release a demo soon, i’m a tad bit hyped for the game :stuck_out_tongue: Also, what’s the chain of command? just so i don’t get kinda lost

If you’re still taking testers, I’m more than interested. Steampunk is one of my favorite genres. ^^

I would like to be a tester if you don’t mind.

I too like to join if there is still room

@kai229 a mix of character and action. Of course the history and lore will be deep.

I added everyone. I think i have enough now.

Eh. whty not the concept is good

Aww. Is there still room for one more person?
And will there be some sort of technical class? I’d figure someone would have to make all that steampunkish stuff after all.

@Cecilia_Rosewood added! There will be opportunities to be a mechanic if thats what you mean.

The stat screen is almost finished. After that i will start writing the story. If you guys are lucky you will have your demo somewhere today (i make no promise)

Will there be things like wingsuits and parashutes in case you are shot out of the sky?

Sounds neat. :smiley: I’d like to test, if I still can.

Getting shot down mean death. You are at high altitude. If the fall did not kill you, the sea creatures will (the bigest creatures ever saw was 500 meter long) but yes, there will be some sort of parachute.

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Ok guys, those who sent their names, pledge that you wont try to steal the game and send me your email adress so i can send the file to download. I cant use dropbox to publish it.