Freefall (Work in progress)

Hello guys! This is my first project. I decided that i would work on Freefall after all. For those who dont know what it is, here.

You are a fresh member of the crew of the grey bird, a mercenary ship in the amazing floating land of Aeorth. Many years ago the world shatered overnight. Patchs of land began to gravitate at cloud height and sea swallowed the land, causing the birth of many new species of enormous underwater creatures. The main transport is now ship holding blimps in this steampunk adventure. Your character can come from multiple nations, have different background and interesting ambitions like becoming the Grey bird captain trough respect or mutiny, have impact on the world wars and hopefully survive.

I need testers since i decided to do a closed-alpha/beta (a few selected persons)


Sounds like fun I always wanted to see a mercenary gamebook.

Since you said “select few” I’m guessing that you would message us instead of us emailing jason?

Yes. I dont want too many peoples to see the actual game until its in a good enough condition to post as an open beta. If you want to join the tester team just leave a message here and i’l message you if i still have enough place left. Of course right now its completly open.

sounds like a cool idea. just out of curiosity are the ships things that actually resemble ships (old or new) or are they hulking metal monstrosity that shouldn’t actually be able to fly (like bee’s)

@Raulin Mostly wooden ships except for flying fortress wich are wood with metal plating. Weapons are eiter close combat or powder weapons. There will also be personal pods (small helicopters with gatling gun) for assault teams.

Ok then I would like to test it.

@Dark_Stalker your name is added. I will send you the demo when its ready

Thank you, I look forward to testing it and sending you feedback.

I wouldn’t mind testing it. :sunny:

if you would have me , I would also like to test .

Can i beta test it sounds like a lot of fun

@vampierkid222 @Raulin @ninjaspy


Will their be magic?

sounds like a cool game :slight_smile: would be interested to be part of your “selected people” :blush:

@FabulousDolphin added as well.

@vampierkid222 there will be little to no magic.

Are we human or one of the new species?

The only known race is aeorthlandian (human) so we are but it doesnt mean that we are alone in this world.

Your game idea sounds very interesting :slight_smile:
If you’re still looking for any more testers i’d be happy to test it.