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Hi all,

As both a bookworm and an interactive fiction lover, I have read and enjoyed multitudes of books and text games, and continually find myself entranced by the worlds brought to life by an authors’ words.

However, as I have become more and more interested in the interactive fiction side of things, I have found myself becoming increasingly frustrated at the amount of simple errors I notice in almost every single one I’ve played through. It hurts my heart to see such amazing creations of love and hard work marred by such easily avoided mistakes, so I decided I would do something about it.

And here I am. To all those who write and create these magical diversions from daily life, I would like to offer my services as a proofreader, completely free of charge. The payment in my mind is the satisfaction of seeing these beautiful worlds come into being, and the chance to be a part of that process.

On the topic of qualifications I completed both an English Language and English Literature GCSE, receiving an A grade in both, and I also proofread a friend’s short novel she was writing for her EPQ qualifications, where she received top marks. I have been reading both fiction and nonfiction all my life and pride myself on my own spelling and grammar.

Thank you for your time, if you have any further questions please feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to answer.

Kind regards,
Alma Redmond


You can’t start formal, written sentences with a preposition.

You should have a full stop after “time” (and if so, started a new sentence) or at least used a semi-colon.

Hello, fellow straight-A English student!

I’m PHD level in technicality (my tutor, a university lecturer, said I was advanced enough to be teaching at a university myself at age 16, and actually made some recommendations to her previous workplace on my behalf), but my constant sickness and ever-deteriorating health mean that I’ve never actually headed anywhere down that path.

that, and I enjoy writing like This because tumblr dialect and there is no such thing as propre english. only memes. memes and me. or should I say… memes and I… :^)

should people contact you here in a direct message or do you have a preference for email, skype or so on?

i’m so proud and grateful, too! go! help the people I always wanted to help! be the hero this forum needs!


Thanks for the tips :wink:

I really don’t mind particularly, replying here, direct messaging or emailing me at will work :slight_smile:

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“And,” of course, isn’t a preposition. :slight_smile:


Sentences usually start with proper capitalization but then again I’m not a native english speaker so what do I know? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi. I’m not sure what is the best way to approach this. Basically I’m always happy for people to read what I write, and I welcome “grammar nazis” (in that sense, it’s strange how I can be a complete nazi myself when it comes to academic writing -especially if it’s my students or go-authors-), yet somehow when I write fiction I’m too relaxed… I guess i find it difficult to spot my own mistakes as I’m a quick reader and rarely read sentences in detail (again, unless it’s an academic paper…)

Anyway, I’d be very happy for you to read anything I write, whether it’s something I’ve already written (Tokyo Wizard), or any of my WIPs (Highway Marshall). That goes for everybody else really… I’m very happy to receive criticism etc, and always try as much as possible to modify my stories according to the feedback I get…)

In terms of ackwnolegwments, I’m not sure if you want to be particularly mentioned, but im happy to work something out.

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You could maybe try giving thy services to the WIPs’ or games that you’ve played which needs improvements. That I think will possibly make the writer/author/coder happy? I think that will also make you more invested since you’ll be helping a game story that you yourself are interested in.

Out of curiosity, do you want to proofread a finished game story or one which is still in development?

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As I just said in that very post, I do it for style, not because it’s correct. I can, when not casual, write pretty perfectly

@Gower ayyyy ur right! Still, I was taught never to start formal wording using “and”.

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Either is fine by me :slight_smile:

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Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m happy to read anything you would like any input on. A link or file sent to would greatly ease the process, so if you want to do that then I’ll get to it ASAP :smiley:

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Just sent you the files of Highway Marshall by PM!

hi alma can you please proofread my text it would be a great favour of you . :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have some questions for you. Have you seen this webpage before? What can you say about this service? I would like to know your opinion.

*Removed link. Don’t use sites to write assignments for you.

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