Free Mars Project

Curiosity is one of the great domed cities of the Martian Empire, where bloodlines are engineered, made to fulfill roles, under the watchful eye of the Guide, servant of the Empress herself. You take on the roles of Seven, Niccolo-3 and Stella-4949, as their actions determine the fate of Curiosity, and as revolution brews.

Seven is the leader of the growing revolutionary movement. She had to reject her bloodline, when she transitioned, and she’s never looked back. But as the movement to overthrow the Guide grows, she finds herself conflicted by her desire to free Curiosity, and her growing desire to protect a young girl named Lix.

Niccolo-3 is Apprentice to the Guide of Curiosity, and a viable candidate to become Guide himself. He is tasked with hunting down Seven, and the other terrorists, and keeping order in Curiosity. He must succeed in this task, or else his rival and fellow Apprentice, Niccolo-4, may become Guide instead of him.

Stella-4949 is a simple engineer, her bloodline nothing too special. But as she realized she does not love men, and does not want to propagate her bloodline, and finds herself as witness to a bombing, she begins to be wrapped up in revolutions. It is her choice whether she will avoid capture, or draw the suspicion of the authorities.

Free Mars Project is a science-fiction game about revolutions, and the people involved in them. You play as three different characters, whose actions, allegiance, and choices you control, as they work with one another, or come in conflict, and as they determine the fate of Curiosity. Let me know what you think, and thank you!

Here’s the link!


Interesting concept! I have high hopes for this sci-fi. :slight_smile:

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I like the idea, and your writing is strong and well-constructed. This has a lot of potential.

But… I feel like this is too railroaded, if that makes sense? I know the point is that we play as preconstructed characters, but I had to press around five options just to get the girl (Lix?) to jump. It feels like I’m being forced into a certain role. Couldn’t we just directly push her off, if it isn’t going to work?

Sorry if this is a bit narrow-minded, the rest of your game was pretty fun too, even if it had a similar issue.


This is true, it is a lot more predetermined than other games tended to be, fair. Seven, Niccolo-3, and Stella-4949 are all set characters, and some events, like the escape in the beginning, are always going to happen. That said, I am going to try to have the game branch more from here, as hopefully you can see by Stella’s choice to contact the revolution or not. I hope that because the characters and some of the first events are more set in stone, I can have more intense story branching later, if that makes any sense. Still, a valid criticism, and thank you.

@Diandra thanks! Me too.

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That sounds great! Your story has already hooked me on, I’ll look forward to your future updates.

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Updated today! (8/1/2020)


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