Free games are free right?

This is a very stupid question but i’m sure the answer is simple, for the main site anything that says free is free correct? Won’t get mid-way through a story and have it telling me i have purchase the rest of it?

Thanks for any assistance!

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I haven’t had any experience reading the storys on main site before, its all been on tablet in the past, so i honestly don’t know but i guess i could just do trial and error :stuck_out_tongue:

Iirc, Choice of the Dragon, Choice of Broadsides, and Choice of the Vampire are all free on site.

Also, to my knowledge every story should offer you a chance to pay at the beginning of it, or play through a several chapter demo before being asked to pay.


It depends on the game tbh and also what platform.

For example Unnatural is a paid game on iOS but on Android you can download episodes 1&2 for free but have to pay once to unlock 3,4,5&6.

It’s a marketing strategy to boost sales probably, plus it’s nice to try it to be sure if you actually like the story and writing style of the author.

i’m looking to play the new Zombie Exodus, also my platform is a PC.

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The first chapter of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven is free, as is advertised when you first open the game.

Thank you very much.

It usually tells you at the very start (ie either wade through the ads or pay to remove them (aka free if you want), or a buy it now option/play now for free with a note you need to purchase chapters or story (aka demo only is free). Look at the difference between say twin flames and 3 games.


My problem with making games free with one inapp purchase is that it makes the game super vulnerable to hacking.

Hacking will occur - especially with niche companies and games like this. The good thing about being in such a niche is that the core market usually is very supportive and that outweighs the pirates in the long run.


I’m not even sure why ppl wanted to pirate a free-game. Unless this “hack” you’re talking about is changing the code somehow to give you benefits on your playthrough, which I don’t see it as a problem in many single-player games.

No, I mean free to download and with an inapp purchase that unlocks everything.

Well that is a problem but it can’t be changed as every game In the market has a hacked apk on the Web - no one can help that .
And I have to ask this how you figured out that they are super vulnerable to hacking.

It’s a simple thought - there is no point in hacking a game that is already paid for (as far as I know, there is no way to get a paid game from play store) , and it is easier to hack in app purchases than waiting for someone to get an apk of the paid game.

Well I can banter about that for weeks stating a lot of social , financial , moral , ethical and some psychological aspects about those issues but I think once I will start I will end up getting my account locked or deleted

I’m sure CoG would appreciate concerned people informing them about any legitimate security risks, assuming of course that they aren’t already aware.

support [at] choiceofgames [dot] com

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Pretty sure everything aside from the first three CoG titles are free until the second chapter or two.

I have all of them on my phone-- Counting every Hosted Game too. Bought all of 'em, most on the first day. I hoard them like a nasty hoarder and it slows down my LG V10 like no one’s business, but it’s worth it 'cause I have no regrets. NONE.


A few titles are free but the majority of the products sold by CoG require you to pay. This company has a marketing strategy in that the first chapters are offered to you as a demo but if you want to experience the full game you have to pay to unlock it. The problem here is that most people aren’t aware of that (or skip that part) and assume “free” means “free game” and not “free demo”.

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Popcorn Soda Murder is free, the first game on this site I ever played