Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights WIP and playtest.... last update July 4th 2019

Vyde would be flattered and join in the puns. “Careful, i hear that meeting your heroes can be shocking.”


Whoa, Vyde is pretty. O.o


Ive always found it odd that the typical #1 heros are usually these beefy hyper masculine dudes.

Vyde being a ‘fem-manly’ badass really speaks to his character. Way too easy to underestimate him on appearence yet totally over powered lol


i play interactive fiction with a certain roster of my original characters and my go-to guy is of a similar body type/expression as Vyde so when I got to Vyde’s introduction I was just like ‘omg finally femmanly squared’

even just in these games you commonly see the same few archetypes as the male romantic interests, I cannot wait to get to know Vyde better! hoping he can help challenge/corrupt my kind MC into some interesting character development lol


I agree where does it say that being a sexy guy=equals bulging or lean muscles! Add some scintillating curves and show some skin guys!

And again feminine ‘looking’ guys dont have to act all girly either. It works for women to, your behaviour and your looks dont have to go hand in hand it makes for interesting assumptions and misconceptions.

Ps:dating Vyde usually comes across as a playful rivalry and roughhousing lol


Honestly, I kinda like it better this way (even though I can appreciate a little muscle on guys). Vyde is just <3
I’d already decided on who to romance but now I can’t pick ¯\__(ツ)_/

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Still in an artsy mood
Torn between a few characters tho.
Remy (my version of First)
Molly (moleculo)
Em (empathy)


If I may put in my two cents…I vote for Em or Ten. :slight_smile: Those two are some of the most interesting chars for me

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And if I may put in my TEN cents… :grimacing:

10/10 would draw again? :grin:

…if you catch my inTENtion… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ten the master of dry sarcasm and gadgets

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In other words, Ten is a more sarcastic Batman? xD

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Sort of.
Only Tens powers have a habit making impossible things look easy and by extention make him look like a lazy batman. And he uses guns.

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Sounds cool.

Sounds like we have stuff in common xD
Btw, I’ve been meaning to ask who the romances are? I know Vyde, Em an Ten, but if there’s a list I haven’t been able to find it :confused:

Thats something ive been roll8ng around in my head. There is a prospective list

Hold on a sec, I’m sure I have just the thing for that… …somewhere.


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Dry sarcasm: apply generously until annoyance goes away.


I can take a hint. :no_mouth:

Anyone got a spare one? :grimacing:

On a more serious note*, despite it hurting, this is among my top three WIPs on here. Maybe even the, ahem, First. :wink:

Do keep it up, @Snoe. :relaxed: :rose:

(* I did say more serious. )

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Hey Snoe, absolutely love the game btw. I was wondering if it would be possible to keep “First” as a name instead of choosing a different one. I always liked when a MC or protagonist has a number for a name because it seems so badass and mysterious(hope that isn’t weird😅) but yeah that’s all I wanted to know

P.S. Hope your having a great day👍🏼

Technically yes but it might be immersion breaking to do so. You can write ‘First’ in the ‘other’ spot. But to make it properly fit like that id have to go back through the entire game and add an extra variable and make a unique statement every time your name is used…

That is a scary amount of extra work for a simple name change and for it to fit without being awkward.


I completely understand thanks for clarifying.

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