Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights WIP and playtest.... last update July 4th 2019

All apllying slightly more realism to vibranium
so on top of the normal velocity not being negated also lovering its blowback down from 99% to a more lower 90% range then ok.
that shield was a physics nightmare as it was (in the comics he could take hulk and barely get pushed back so im glad your fixing that ideology)

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Hot damn. :neutral_face:

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Wow that’s pretty pretty damn strong would you put them in the same category for durability and possible regeneration

First does heal faster than some and can recover from an inert state. All of their bodily functions are enhanced/fuelled by the provided energy excess. A broken bone may heal in a 24hr perdiod.

That’s also considering someone cam get past their defense. Firsts ability acts to absorb the initial damage, someone has to be able to hit hard enough that they over come that defense but once passed that Firsts flesh is like punching steel plates.


Woah first is pretty damn indestructable
But if s/he had to fight Hulk who would win?


Troublemaker First would tease and goad hulk into making a mistake and win that way :smiley:


While First might not go head to head but outsmarrung him is possible.

What would happen if First were to be put into a “berserker rage” kind of scenario? I would imagine that the adrenaline boost that First gets from being so angry that he just might become a bit too OP for a temporary amount of time.

i think it would be a lot of minced meat…

Not much adrenaline boost.

Firsts counter punch on the other hand is absolutely brutal. Because recent attacks send them into a charged state.


Is that like a regular First’s strength or a strength build focused First? If it’s the former, what would you say a First that has like 80% strength strength is?

Can’t wait for an update :smiley_cat:

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First at peak according to stats would have a maximum deadliftr of 80tones


I actually like “average”/ athletic build the most for First as I feel that makes for the cutest possible appearance. It also makes First deceptively powerful instead of him being the obvious “big/strong guy” of any possible superhero team.
So if strength/power build focused first can lift 80 tonnes, I guess mine at comparable stats would clock in at a still respectable 60 tonnes or so. In any case he could still lift this:

Depends on what kinda guy you prefer I suppose. Lithe may be a bit to androgynous for my personal taste though. All possible forms for First are cute, only reason I didn’t choose super tall and buff is that it would make First the obvious big and tough guy of any team he might join and I’d like for some deception and misdirection that gets some enemies to hopefully underestimate my First to be possible.
But the way I envision “average” First is the kind of physique most of Hollywood’s leading men have while super buff would be more like young Arnold and lithe more androgynous, like I mentioned. These are just my personal interpretations however and in no way “canon” for anybody but me.


I’m pretty sure lithe is the cutest form possible.


Love your story! I just read it and normally I’m not a fan of super strength as a power, I’m more of a plantmancer kind of person ^^. But it was pretty fun taking hits and smack people around. Already know I’m going to romance that dragon man ^////^. I just wish purple eyes were a option and changing hair colors. I’m a fan of white and I do have green eyes but purple is my favorite and kinda want purplish pinck hair like the girl in my profile picture.
Still love the story ^^!


Don’t know about purple eyes, but you CAN change hair colour eventually. While First do start with white hair, you get the option of changing that during the “restyling” phase (I usually leave it white, though).


I turn the hair red or black.

Say @Snoe, how fast First can run? :thinking:

I like that too, I choosed the athletic build, I like imagining the look of suprise of someone being hit by First for the first time or see First shrug off massive damage like is nothing haha.


Top speed 100mph - 200mph