Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights WIP and playtest.... last update July 4th 2019

Getting super specific makes writing really difficult when including the customization and leaving it vague gives room for the imagination.

Next on the agenda.

I was contemplating First developing a sensory based addition yo their power set. As an adaptive-energy absorber Id imagine that they would adapt to ‘sense’ or locate powerful sources. Be it visual (like seeing heat or electricity) auditory (radio/cell signal) or tactile (sensing energy at range through the ground)



maybe for one of the premade names, you could maybe add rei, as a nod to evangelion.

IF there was inspiration drawn from that i might have.

Alas no. Evangelion did not inspire my work.

If i were to quote things that inspired this story I’d say:
Silent protagonists (from assorted JRPGs most notably chrono-cross and Suikoden2)
Red Skelton (the comedian, known for a mime skits inspiring alot of the way I write gesture esp for trouble maker first)
My own personal experience of feeling like a lab rat (persistent medical issues etc)
Fallout 3 (escape confinement and search out a parental figure)
Alice in wonderland (Silic being our mad Hatter, and the step from the colorless lab to the neon of alantus must seem like stepping into make believe)
Various music and artists inspiring characters.

There are others but these are the most prominent to mention.


it was mostly due to this post.

I never really drew the connection between Silic and the mad hatter, but now that I have I must admit that I absolutely love the idea.


Well mad Hatter or Aladdins Genie lol


I feel like they maybe have a bit of Cheshire cat as well


Silic does tend to lead hint and disappear don’t they… :wink:

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That would be awesome :grinning:


Okay! Now I know who Rosinante would definitely go with now lol :slight_smile:

They can develop a sort of radar/sonar in the way that received signals are mapped out …


Hey Snoe I was just playing the demo again and was wondering if you were considering the possibility for First to form their own team of heroes or villains or join a group and become a leader on their own merit. Also since the sensory powers are being added I was also wondering if you were considering the idea for a possible permanent injury with First losing their sight and becoming a sort of hybrid of Captain America and Daredevil

I did an art. :stuck_out_tongue: Took the picture with mah phone, sorry for the quality.


Your sera has a cute vibe about them
Not really seeing a issue on the phone quality

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Probably not
Leadership is an experience thing and First is a bit lacking in experience.

Secondly no, First already possesses a disability. There’s no need to hit them with another. And their ability makes maiming them exceptionally difficult

Ps: First would whoop both Cap and Daredevil in a straight up fight. Too string too fast and impossible for either to harm them.


First of thanks for responding to the question so promptly and I have to agree with your responses. For all First’s strength and power they are green as grass in the real world and despite the vastly differing power levels these heroes and villains have years of real world combat experience as opposed to simulated combat no matter how rigorous. I was mainly asking if this was a plan if you had thought of a sequel down that and if you had thought that First could grow into a leadership or even mentor role. You were also right about the disability and durability that would be both cruel and to cliche to inflict upon First.

PSS: I’ve got to agree with you on first wrecking Cap and Daredevil in a fair fight (though i should note I meant more of a hybrid of the two characters as opposed to powers) if i had to make an educated guess I’d put First’s strength and durability levels as pretty close to Hulk during the World War Hulk arc particularly during the Sentry fight. I could be wrong about this and welcome criticism and other opinions

i heard Cap in there
and just though of the effects of Firsts powers, and the effect of Cap’s Vidranium shield
Absorb and adapt vrs Absorb Redirect & amplify
I know Vibranium Has a Breaking point i just don’t know it (his shield has Cracked before) seeing as both Thor’s hammer and Hulk have both made serious Contact with it.
what happens when First and Caps Shield Impact if i may be so bold?


The issue there is that caps shield is a vibranium adamantium alloy. So First couldn’t break it. But their ability to absorb the recoil and impact would go badly for cap because the recoil of the shield dispersing the force would further fuel Firsts strike. So the shields nullification of an impact (like when it’s hit with bullets Cap doesn’t even flinch because there’s no recoil) the impact first makes will create recoil likely shattering Caps arms if not giving him a sting (ever hit a base ball with an aluminum bat and it hurts to hold the bat… It’s like that


If put Firsts strength somewhere between Carnage and wonderwoman. So 30-70 ton deadlift