Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights WIP and playtest.... last update July 4th 2019

It better be a plushie if it’s taxidermy First will lay down a whoopin.


…and that will make them all wish they had tried to wrestle a wild tiger instead. :grimacing:

Largest big cat that purrs and meows :heart_eyes_cat:

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This is by far one of my favorite WIPs. I was a little sad when the updates slowed down, which is understandable we all have lives outside the forum. But super excited for the new update. Anyways I think you do an awesome job writing a very interesting story and look forward to seeing this get published cause I’m definitely buying it even if I played the whole story by then.


I finally got back to this after quite a long break. Glad to see it’s still ongoing. I spotted something for the next update.

Blockquote If you could giggle you’d almost be falling over yourself in this change room; such a trouble_maker

The last part needs the underscore removed. I’ve not found the bit with the tiger yet, but I’m looking forward to the updates to the ‘go off with Morrigan and Sillic’ path when they come out.

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Playing outlaw with Sillic does sound like a fun time.


It does, it’s also fun to watch for the shifts in Firsts attitudes as the game goes on.

I thought you got character bio’s every time you met someone for the first time, this isn’t happening with Morrigan, is that a bug?

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Haven’t added Morrigan… I think.

Is it bad that every so often my brain when reading this slips off to thinking either Morgana or Cap Morgan.

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this WIP :smile:. I spent my entire afternoon yesterday playing through it, and I’m loving each and every character so much (Ten and Empathy hold a dear spot in my heart. I can’t stop thinking about them). Definitely one of my favorite choice games I’ve read through so far, keep up the great work!


This is now my second favourite WIP! I used all of my lazy sunday trying out the different choices :grin:

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Hi mr author man, just wondering, but what didja add to the newest update?

I think this was the update:

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Sweet, hard to find update patches in all da comments
Thanks bud

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good thing to try is select the authors profile pic, then select the thing that looks like a funnel (right below message) and it will select only their posts making it a bit easier to find, also check the top of the forum for a date if they are know to frequently put a update date on their title descriptor.


Oh, didn’t know that. Sweet.

Thanks bud

Can anyone tell me how to make Ten blush ?

Be a smartass and troublemaker, if I remember correctly…and have 5 trust?

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Wow…that was to good for me to describe. The story was unique and it was rather nice reading. I love that you don’t have to make decisions to affect your behaviour but have it preset. I do love the trouble maker one and the present appearance of the mc is awesome. White hair and red eyes are my favourite combination. I look forward to the continuation of the story.


Red or Yellow eyes are the best to peer at people from the dark with.

can i betatest the book pls