Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights WIP and playtest.... last update July 4th 2019

good thing to try is select the authors profile pic, then select the thing that looks like a funnel (right below message) and it will select only their posts making it a bit easier to find, also check the top of the forum for a date if they are know to frequently put a update date on their title descriptor.


Oh, didn’t know that. Sweet.

Thanks bud

Can anyone tell me how to make Ten blush ?

Be a smartass and troublemaker, if I remember correctly…and have 5 trust?

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Wow…that was to good for me to describe. The story was unique and it was rather nice reading. I love that you don’t have to make decisions to affect your behaviour but have it preset. I do love the trouble maker one and the present appearance of the mc is awesome. White hair and red eyes are my favourite combination. I look forward to the continuation of the story.


Red or Yellow eyes are the best to peer at people from the dark with.

can i betatest the book pls

how are you

Working alot of overtime.
Family visiting from across the boarder.
Home repairs.
Lots of stuff.


With both of those I certainly could use some of Firsty’s strength, dexterity and agility not to mention youthful energy. So I feel your pain. :wink:

The troubling prospect is that First could also probably just flash that winning smile and get others to do it in the first place. :grin:


Thatd be awesome. Just gotta make sure not to break the tools.


Awesome WIP. The MC is great and in a unique situation that fits really well. Whenever I play, the mc reminds of a hybrid of Daredevil but with muteness instead of blindness and spider Man without the webs but just as agile, combine all of this with super strength, speed, stamina, and toughness and you got one powerful mc with actually a personality that is spoken loud through actions and not words. The other characters seem very cool too, Empathy is precious, Ten is cool, Vaihl is both scary and hot, silic is something and you know the rest. Hope life and work go well @Snoe


I drew fanart (if that is okay) of Empathy :open_mouth:


:heart_eyes: it’s so good!

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That’s a very cute drawing. That’s kind of the picture I had in my head as well

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So… after the last… uh, game, I played I need a fix from my First… Do we have an update on when we’ll be able to kick/punch CPR guy more? Cause… yeah…

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Oh my God that’s good.
Amazing work I luv it.
Fan art is awesome

On a side note still working on a few things. Had to do some rewrites where things didn’t work smoothly.


I Love this i read it in my sparetime havent had any good reads since heros rise games


Damn, Freak anime when?