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What would happen to first if he moved to the desert?
Is there an upper limit to the amount of energy he can store?
He absorbs sunlight too right?

Since he absorbs lightning partially does this mean it has a diminished affect on him?

Does this mean we could beat vyde in a fight?

So in short their cells convert thermal/radiant energy in ATP somehow? Or do they use completly different mechanisms as normal cells? How could they still be considered biologically human then? Their whole metabolism would work different as pretty much every other mammal. Or does that mean that First has a hightened need for nutrition? So their body is actually able to deliver what’s needed to store that energy in an biological universal way. Do they have a general faster metabolism? …or do I try to apply to much real life science ito it? Nevermind that’s what suspension of disbelief is for.

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Skin becomes denser to physical trauma? That reminds me of Senator Armstrong’s nanomachines from MGRR. His body responds to physical trauma by hardening his limbs that are stronger than steel, it also increases his strength to impossible levels.

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I guess the actual mechanism behind it is a heavily prolieferation of new cell material for skin and muscles. So the burst of energy wouldn’t only fuel the reatcions necessary for that but also serve as start signal for them. That is at least how I would eplain it in a fantasy science talk way. What anyway means mostly to bullshit your way through while still sounding smart.

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Him? My first is a her. :smirk:


Now that I’m home I can respond more articulately :slight_smile:

round about 30,000.

Not likely lol. sry ‘just’ saw that :slight_smile:

Well first can’t swim… very well. Too heavy, kinda like putting paddles on a rock, if you work hard enough you’ll move but it wouldn’t be easy But the holding ones breath would work as training, just think about how effective First’s whistle would be OUCH!

First has alot of potential.

Little bit of both, but energy is the baseline :slight_smile:
I’ve always liked energy sponge type characters, but never seen one that internalizes it completely aside from the 1990’s xmen cartoon. And still I made alterations. 2 points to he/she/it who guesses which mutant I’m talking about.

Yes to the first. lol
While there’s no thermal, or kinect input, the majority of the body goes dormant but the constant pull of gravity would provide enough energy to prevent cell death.

1)First would get a tan?! lol but there would be more energy to feed on.
2)the real limit is the balance between energy consumption and supply, SO in theory the stronger First is the more energy is needed to supply that strength.
3)Sun light is heat and light, so yes.
4) yes
5) Vyde is a living plasma generator, electricity is a byproduct. Plasma is its own beast.(can anyone tell me what the biggest mass of plasma is?), at First’s current strength Vyde would obliterate them. But fight smart and a little time First could potentially take Vyde.(feel free to ask about Vyde too, I don’t have a problem talking about characters already featured)

Biologically human because there are no extra organs and their body is structured and functions the same just at higher output.
First still needs to eat, providing necessary building blocks, BUT current cells don’t break down like normal people, the cells can be damaged and grow but thusly is the appetite. And if First needs to heal still need food to repair tissues. Insane metabolism, like I said proper diet plus the excess energy and First becomes stronger bit by bit.

People aren’t all that different from machines, base on minerals/metals, millions of little bots/cells making up one being working together for the whole system to function? :slight_smile:

[quote=“Sammysam, post:502, topic:13740, full:true”]
I guess the actual mechanism behind it is a heavily prolieferation of new cell material for skin and muscles. So the burst of energy wouldn’t only fuel the reatcions necessary for that but also serve as start signal for them. That is at least how I would eplain it in a fantasy science talk way. What anyway means mostly to bullshit your way through while still sounding smart.

Pretty much, fuel and material to build repair. ect…

Does that answer everyone? lol


to each their own :slight_smile:

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Well you did say First would look 3 times there weight so if we chose the smallest body type First would probably weigh like 350 lb. but wouldn’t buoyancy kinda do its work and help First float. After training in holding their breath, I would think First would become really, really buoyant.

Oh and I don’t think you got the reference @Terrell_Williams was making :smiley:

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I believe its a reference to Goku, but if it is than its actually 8000.

How so? Wouldn’t the weight focused in one spot as opposed to spread across limit the effect of bouyancy? to begin with, kind of like having a rock tied to you while swimming. Just that little bit of weight makes a huge difference in the water. but I could be wrong. Though the lithe version of First would probably be alot better at swimming. but when the others 600+ pounds swimming gets that much harder I’d think and I think I just let you know one of the effects the builds have on character creation :slight_smile:

And I’m not very fond of DBZ to be honest.
Kinda thought it was a disgaea ref to be honest. lvl 9999 Larharl! Muahahahahaaa!

[spoiler] The thing about the heightened nutrition followed the idea that First’s cell s use the energy they win to synthesize high-energy molecules. For that they still need building material which they win through food. So my question was if they just have a higher output of ATP/NADPH/triglyceride etc. with the same intake, because the more in energy allows their cells and body (especially the liver) to take short cuts in contrast to normal metabolism. That you say their metabolism is heightened on the other side indicates that they don’t take short cuts (at least not solely) but that their body uses the energy to reduce the own mass of energy it normally had to involve for metabolism, especially anaerobe metabolism, giving their body the resources to build up a higher mass of muscles and energy storage.

That they weight that much more as their mass leads me to think that their body uses another energy storage besides the typical fat depots, because muscles may weight more as fat, but I doubt them alone or a thicker skin could explain that much weight without a growth in mass (especially since the weight is a hindrance for their swimming abilities and not balanced by an adequate more in strength), leading to my question if their body converts the energy every time they need it from their storage in a form that is usable for every human body, or if their cells developed a completely different way of function because of their additional metabolic pathway. What in addition would mean that they anyway have an additional mass of enzymes, but questions if they still use the typical human set of metabolic enzymes, what when I think about it harder, would be really a huge leap in genetics, so probably unlikely. [/spoiler]

But yeah, that was the actual “sense” of my question…and congratulations, somebody just tried to explain First’s powers on a biomolecular level. You’re official on the same level as the great players when it comes to crazy fan analyses.


[spoiler] never went that deep into it. BUT the extra mass is altogether, bones, organs, muscles, every single cell is denser. The stronger a creature is the tougher its frame has to be to avoid its own muscles cracking the bones therein. If I decoded your science speak correctly, its a little of both. yes First’s body takes shortcuts to effectively use those ingredients, and yes there is a higher metabolism yet that’s to process the offered material rapidly (tadaaa healing factor). BUT First doesn’t really ‘require’ any sustenance unless there’s damage. The more resilient cells don’t degrade over time as long as they’re energized so any material intake from food is put to use strengthening the body or repairing damage(from fights ect…) essentially First doesn’t age as a result.

You’re right, First doesn’t store much energy in fat depots its often used fairly quickly. Because the majority of its energy is sourced from the world around First. Not all but most, heck the motion of running is akin to the alternator on a car. I’ve really thought through this character’s abilities :slightly_smiling:

I’ve always been fascinated by energy absorption though ify on energy to mass conversion ala the Hulk,(an old favourite) [/spoiler]

No worries I like this kinda stuff helps me think, especially when folks question prod or try to discern my charas. I jus luv this stuff.
If I’m right its AWESOME! If I’m wrong, awesome I LEARNED SOMETHING WOOT!! I love learning lol.

any other charas we want to dissect??

It’s 9000


First doesnt age?

Is first still vulnerable to time dilation.
(as first gets older their perception of time speeds up)

Cause that has the potential for a case of awful.

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[spoiler] The problem when you say they don’t need any substances unless there is a damage lies there that synthesizing high-energy molecules doesn’t work without outside input of building material. Even plants need nutrition through their roots.

Also cells die pretty much always at every given minute. Erythrocytes even have only a 120 days after “birth” date of expiry. Cells always are synthesizing or rebuilding or just dumping molecules. Our cells have a whole apparatus just to sort out defective proteins. Oxidative stress forces cells to rebuild things like their membrane all along. There is always something damaged in your body!
Cells always have a loss when processing proteins/carbohydrates or fat. And when you say that first has a heightened cell proliferation, I have to wonder how they want to build those cells, when they don’t eat. Even a normal cell proliferation needs external substances for their growth. Energy alone isn’t everything you need to go on. It doesn’t give your cells what they need to do their daily work, for that they need building material in form of molecules, aka proteins, carbohydrates, fat, trace elements and vitamines.

About the fat, I thought that first uses another energy depot parallel to fat (or at least Triglyceride), because fat indeed has a use besides being an energy depot. (EDIT:
Ahrg, ignore that sentence I missed your “much” after the “doesn’t”)

Also that First doesn’t age…seems of in case they have a heightened cell proliferation, what actually should fasten their aging process. Expect their body is able to still produce telomerase. That would be great for them, but may could significant rise their risk for cancer…[/spoiler]

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That was a mistranslation. The original is 8000.

[quote=“faewkless, post:512, topic:13740, full:true”]
First doesnt age?
Is first still vulnerable to time dilation.(as first gets older their perception of time speeds up)

Cause that has the potential for a case of awful.

Not past adulthood, once the cells reach maturity and the only way is down the cells are held in that state

Not likely, theory of relativity. Time is rooted in using experiences as flagposts. Depending on how much you’re ‘thinking’ about it a minute is longer or shorter based entirely on how you perceive it. An hour doing something enjoyable always seems shorter than an hour doing something you hate.

@Sammysam and that’s where the fact and fiction meet! bows in defeat of reality

[spoiler] but theoretically! If one could prevent or slow cell death from general causes, aging would slow. Another cause of aging is a degradation of the genetic map in our stem cells. basically if you copy a paper in a xerox machine then copy the copy and repeat you loose details little by little and the copy becomes less and less readable so very little of original left that it can’t be properly replicated, system crash and possible mutation aka cancer, from the body trying to fill in the blanks of the damaged code? So if First’s orginal code remained rather than copying a copy would that essentially stop aging?

just a theory[/spoiler]

all’n’all I try to get as ‘close’ to real science as possible, but skew it to be cool! And who doesn’t want to be an unstoppable energy absorbing badass!


Really love this idea @Snoe keep it up :sunglasses:


So First is functionally immortal? Like a lobster?

EDIT: I’ll take that as a yes then.


Unless they get obliterated by something. Like Vyde going super-nova.