Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights WIP and playtest.... last update Febuary 18th 2018


Fantastic. From beginning to current end, have me entirely hooked.

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Good to hear. I’m still here for support although life is piling on me too :wink:



:crazy_face::dizzy_face: I just spent the past 4-ish hours re-reading posts from 2000 to current…I don’t know why I did that, but it was fun nostalgia the age of the great bunny is a long one so many instances people looked at me funny for spontaneously laughing at a resturaunt.
So much speculations made. The beard conversation, first and company kidaping orphans to find a suitable sidekick to play as robin, manic mannies pinball craze the great space hamsters…so worth the time and energy to read it.



Awe schucks, its been a fun trek through the ages hasnt it :slight_smile:



I wonder how much damage these sonic cannons would cause to First.ezgif-5-7cfe8278faac



One thing youll notice in the early portion of the game is that First becomes more resilient as experiments continue. One may think this is because they are growing into their ability…


First has a tendency to adapt and eventually overcome. Its a lengthy process.
First’s core ability is adaptive absorption of energy. The more a specific type of energy is used on them the better they get at absorbing and metabolising that energy. And excess energy over the years has been shunted into reinforcing their physical form and mind the body improving itself. Kind of like a mutant form of hypertrophy without the bulging muscles.

Firsts ability practically nullifies kinetic energy by absorbing almost all of the impact. Ei) punching first uses that energy to resist the punch.

The problem is that First can use kinetic energy so well that anything below a several ton vehicle wont get passed this absorption but the guy hitting them gets all the recoil like those cars. And in the case of having enough force to overcome Firsts initial resistance is their unnatural durability. Ei) if first gets hit by a car theyll be thrown like a rag doll but be totally unharmed.

Now back to the sonic guns. First has great senses, fine hearing, smell, taste touch, extreme reaction time. So overpowering these senses HURT like a bitch which often result in unconsciousness but Sonic vibrations are an offshoot of air friction and friction is kinetic. And eventually if one keeps using the same trick on First… it stops being an effective counter measure and starts becoming an effective way to piss off an indestructible 18 year old.

Also fun side note, First can temporarily hold excess energy to empower themselves, think like an adrenaline rush.



I have to say, I love the complexity and detail you give to the powers in your story, it’s not like in some stories that just say “this guy has super strength and invulnerability and this girl reads minds just because.” It makes me more immersed and interested, I’m looking forward to the release, however long it takes ;D.



I put alot of thought into all my canon characters.
I dont like just slapping an ability on someone and not knowing how it works.

Like Moleculo. His power is actually the manipulation of Oxygen.

Creative use of basic abilities is my thang lol

Ps:ive spent so much time on it you could quiz me on it



1 what is molecules power based off of?
2 what is silic’s favorite color?
3 who is empathy’s favorite person?
4 who is first parents?
5 how are you?



Moleculo’s power isnt really based off anyone. But his ability to manipulate oxygen is reflexive as opposed to directly controlled. His durability and flight are due to a spinning barrier of oxygen that deflects most attacks and acts like a thruster of sorts.

  1. Empathy’s favourite person is complicated. Excluding First and possible romances, Vyde and her mysterious older Brother Jack are her favourite people.


4.thats a secret :slight_smile: hunky-dory.



so like… the fact that First is as durable as they are is a testament to how much suffering they put them thru at the lab

i love poor Firsty even more :sob: esp my version of First who just wants to make friends and be happy



Right there with you, my First may be a bit of a smart-rear, but always kind and friendly. So far. I doubt anyone wants to find out if there is a limit to be pushed beyond… :grimacing:



checks in 2 years later Man, this game is still the best in here. Snoe should make a tumblr. ^.^



Had to keep up with my art practice I finished a little something for fun :slight_smile:
I like drawing Vyde lol



them ABS…:drooling_face:

Btw…are you still working on this picture? cose I got a recommandation if you are…

if you arent lol then nvm .

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Vyde does model for photo shoots after all. Gotta get extra income for Sancta Vy after all.

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Dunno whats the suggestion?



First corny line to Vyde: Is it me or do we have a Spark together…



on the other side of the hip? the naked side that is . You could draw the same strap thingy that are on the left . i think you could put 2 there at least…so it doesnt look like that side of the pant is ripped off or weird .

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Oops lol
Wardrobe malfunction!!