Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights WIP and playtest.... last update Febuary 18th 2018



doesnt fly lol…isn’t blond (thanx god)…and is smarter lol


Well… Just look at Gohan.


First Aka Gohan/goku Depending on personality…


Let’s hope their soul isn’t put into an eva.


Ok i love this game and how first is characterised with the trouble maker persona. Add to that silic’s deadpoolish qiips and antics and you got me hook line and sinker. I do hope this gets finished. Would actually want to beta test too. Saw a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes but im not sure if its pointed out already. Just assuming it was because this thread is over 5k posts long. Please oh please oh please let this be completed.


So on a scale of one to ten how powerful is first and also would first be able to learn how to be less effected by sound waves?


On a scale of 1 to 10? Over 9000 :smiley:


still love freak how the story play out


I have question, so in this world people have abilities and some people don’t and people with abilities have varying degrees of strength. My question ultimately is their eugenics in this world?


I also have a question, how different would the story be if there was an option where first is still a child, or under 18.


Also i’d like a tomboy option, as in male clothes , but still identifies as female.


Probably less romance and First probably wouldn’t have the training they do now.


I’d like that option as well.


Been discussed.
The options are vague enough that such style is inferred


I’m basicaly imagining my First in his imposing cloth as a more anime , Younger and Bigger Undertaker from the WWE and i’v tried a few other ‘apparence combinaison’ and i confirm that you can make a tomboy with the vague option, you just need a little imagination





Looking forward to seeing more of Silic!


Now we are talking. :ok_hand:


Love Silic…he so Slicc :sunglasses:


And I… am pretty indifferent to Silic. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Empathy, on the other hand, is objectively the best. It’s Science!)