Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights WIP and playtest.... last update Febuary 18th 2018


Sounds super underpowered not even fast enough to break the sound barrier. Lol


Still that’s incredibly fast. At 200 mph, that is just about over 7x faster than the average human maximum speed and I doubt they can hold it for long whereas First can probably do for a long while. I like to think of First as having a pretty ordinary power set but using them in unique ways. Maybe First having ordinary powers in a world full of unique ones is what makes them special? Also, how fast does it take first to get to that range @Snoe ?


It’s not underpowered, at 200 mph he is as fast as a F1 car, and combining with his strength and endurance, First is a damn beast, very powerful.


Now just imagine a F1 plowing into something and being tougher than steel going that speed…:smiling_imp:
Heck of a way to enter a fight with a super
Villian monologues First shoulder-checks Villian from behind mid-evil laugh


Wonder Women helped move a planet


Yea at her peak in the comics she could pull the earth with those two and it’s said she is in theory almost as strong as Superman at the time…granted Superman is horrendously grey in strength
Able to move planets on his own lift a book of infinite pages with help of someone who has a hard set weight range of about a aircraft carrier.
So being set as almost as strong as Superman doesn’t help figure that out though if we say she is as strong as the other super heroes who can for a time go toe to toe with him like say Shazam or to a lesser extent superboy then we have a estimated range.
However I think…@snoe is referring to Wonder Woman in the movies who could lift a tank with only moderate effort giving a much easer gauge and making sense in snoe’s lift range for first


I just love this, it’s really good :heart:


Not supposed to ask that.


And @Carson_Lindsey knows that…


I love this game! Very deep I like how my character has a good power not a lame one. Can’t wait for next update!!!


Been preoccupied with a side project.
It’s a Roleplay forum I run on the side. There’s some extra Freak fiction written by me and a few friends.

Lots of stories and fun facts if you’re interested in reading or joining in.


Will definitely check that out!

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Checked the website, it seems quite fun although I am trash at social interactions. :expressionless:


Well you were able to talk here, so I guess you can get better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (It’s fine the internet is full of introverts that are shit at social interaction, you will probably not be the only one)


haha, well, thx for the positive comment. And hopefully I will be better at communication in the future.:clown_face:

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Good luck, I’m sure you can do it :grin:


Felt this song was appropriate for this wip

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I have a feeling the MC is going to be related to Cregan.


Genetic Manipulation at play mayhaps? got a tissue sample then tried to replicate and our little ser- First is the successful result that made it past birth thus recognition name Dun Dun DUNNNNN

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I’ve been craving this game for so long!!! I was so hooked on the plot from the moment I tried the WIP. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

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