Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



I read ass omg me


Why not that too?


┬┴┬┴┤ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I could volunteer to draw the winning RO for free (I wanna draw them all at some point tbh but I only have so much drawing energy asfkasfh)
also you are a real artist, meet me at Arby’s


No, no. Go to Subway. Eat fresh. Friendly reminder to buy a cookie or a bag of chips while you’re at it.


that’s exactly what a subway employee would say :thinking:

@smod, which of the ROs would eat at Arby’s and which ones would eat at Subway?


That’s because my dad owns 3 Subway stores, and I need the money. By eating at Subway you’re bringing food to my table. Pls, Rose, i’m your wife-friend-rival-memedealer, gimmie the money

Did you send an ask to her blog? She loves you so I’ll guarantee you that she’ll reply within 15 minutes. If not, then I guess she’s either dead or abducted by Subway employees.


u rite, she’ll answer faster on her blog


am never wrong babey


Ahsjkanznd thank you guys but by real artist I did mean someone that can draw a background so it’s not some half body floating in space. Need Michaelangelo to paint Camille you know

Depends on your definition of deep. There are a lot of flashbacks to your childhood, and a lot of discussion around it.

NEVER either I PAY or I MARRY YOU no in-betweens here. See you at Arby’s!!! (thank you for offering but I can’t allow you to spend your time on this for free, how dare I, artists will be paid in this household!!!)

@Fay Can you do do anything about the lady at the Subway near me who keeps putting way too much sauce on my subs

SIKE gottcha. Answered faster over here.

Arby’s — Sid, Faith
Subway — Adelaide, Seventh
Would rather die than ever eat at any place for “commoners” — Yoon, Camille
Which ever has more protein (for the gains) — Mars


A beffy boi


She’s just trying her best and I love her. I call her Sasha the Sauce lady. Download our app which is great for remote ordering and please rate five stars, thanks.


Dang dude theres really no need to ask that again.

smod’s most likely busy with their career but is also doing their best with the rewrite whenever they can and want to. Its ok to have faith in good authors. Patience is a virtue after all.