Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



Ok, I just read the (I guess old?) demo. And… well, I find the pace a little quick, buuuut…I already love this story! I love the MC being a fox, the characters/ROs are all cute and lovable, and Mars is my favourite guy. Hands down.

(Going back into the shadows embarassed like the fire spirit)


Mhm mhm… now the only problem I have is, MARS?! ADELAIDE ALL THE WAY


Cute and lovable…but I like my manly awkard man who like fluffy pets :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re valid. Everyone who loves Mars is valid.

We stan an awkward cat loving knight, what a skinny legend.


he buff tho :eyes: he buff af


What a buff(y) legend


Thats not all my dudes, oh no, you know who else is hot?
Thats right, our lady and saviour Addie!! Shes got the face of a wood nymph and the body of ryan gosling! A!D!D!I!E!! WOO!


that is terrifying thank you for this traumatic image



Glad to see another Addie fan :smiley:


Everyone now who is the hotter RO, yes it’s seven (idk that’s their canon name now)




All the ladies are good.


Perfectly valid opinion. They are all queens.


bro, I read that as ‘queers’ and I was like, ‘hell yeah’


Ye but Faith really be that kind of woman. A goddess. She makes me question my sexuality. Cant believe I let a fictional character hold so much power over me.


Make me another guardsman


So completely out if left field but

This is how I imagine yoon comforting my mc after getting her lame ass viciously (fake)rejected by The Absolute Goddess that is Camille.
Or when her raunchy jokes completely fly over Addies head.

“It’s ok MC, she be like dat sometimes,”
The MC sobbing, “Shes just too pure!”


I always love coming back to read all the replies and see the ROs being fought over, it fuels me. I’m trying to get the rewrite done this month, I’ve hit financial troubles so it might be delayed but BUT butt once it’s up there’ll also be another poll about the “best” RO and the most popular one will get something special for 'em (I was going to commission a REAL artist to draw the winning RO but I have no money now so rest in peace that idea)

On another note I drew more art on tumblr, I love all of you, I think Sid is the least popular on the forum so I will drop this art here

Hope you’re all having a good day! Also I love all of you


I take it that you like butts, if I’m not mistaken :joy: and what do you mean “real” artist your art is freaking amazing :heart_eyes: and your clearly more talented than most of the common rabble that claim to be “artistic” :yum: so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise


At some point will we go deep into the MC’s childhood?


idk, but i’m just hoping to dive in deep into sid’s abs eyes, like damn