Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



Ya heard it here folks world domination enforced by fay’s fan club Army


YES! More followers of the tsundere witch!


I didn’t know pink foxes were real :scream:
They’re so cute and precious! And that adorable little pink nose :blush: :hugs:

My life is suddenly infinitely better

And pink dolphins are a thing too!
Mind. Blown.


The tsundere witch must be protected at all cost! :grinning::joy:


Hm. Sweet & gentle bby boi Mars is best RO and you know that.
and that’s the tea


Should I tell them? I feel like I should tell them






Pink foxes are super real and cute! yup yup :relaxed:Please help me :frowning:




Hey, look at this cat!

It’s Sir Snuggles!! The chubbiest but fluffiest cat in Sunholt! I love him!

It’s canon y’all, Sir Snuggles can shoot rainbows from his mouth!!! What a good boy!


So true! and Rainbows wow!!Are we just lying in this thread now? your Mc wants to fight him for lap time


Aww no, they’re not real are they? Google lied :cry:


It’s called an alternative truth


The fox is actually called Mika the pink fox and you can find her on google. Sadly no fox is naturally pink… But Mika is pink! Maybe not naturally, but she’s still a pink beauty!


You can find more images of her on google <3


What noooooo they’re real :sweat_smile:


Aw okay, nevermind. She’s still cute!

Does this mean pink dolphins aren’t real either?


True. Deli is a very jealous girl so… I guess she’s gonna have a catfight with Sir Snuggles


those are actually real! They are endangered tho


Oh good! But also not good…