Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



@hachimachi you’ve become too powerful. i can confirm or deny nothing

@Runehood66 the way I have it currently is that your fox form takes the same eye color as your human form. you can pick your fur color—I’ve put in a lot more options!


I was struck by artistic passion at 3am and drew things which i will now dump here also. slightly nsfw with boobs out and shirtless mars


hope you’re all well!!! will have things to share…very soon…very very soon…


Addy is fuckin’ cute, man. Oh my god.
Cammy looks like she’s trying not to peak at Faith.
Faith put a shirt on, there are children present! Mars you too! How indecent~!


Mars somehow manages to look sweet and pure even if he’s half naked


You make Mars look so wholesome and good bless you :sob:


I was trying so hard not to get in the Mars fan club and you go and show me this


sweet baby jesus I just noticed a scar on Mar’s eyebrow somebody save him!!





I will stay fan club of Camille you Mars fan club will never take me live ! :upside_down_face: :skull_and_crossbones::ghost:


I can’t betray tsundere witch, b-Baka!


I’m going to start a fan club for Seven, and since I started I’m calling dibs… Jk


Why can’t help but feel like it’s from something incredibly silly like him being a clutz and dropping stuff, falling over, and scarring his eyebrow on a table leg?


because that sounds amazing

MC: So, Mars, how did you get that nifty scar?

Mars: [flashbacks to the time he fell out of bed]

Mars: In battle. I don’t want to talk about it.



I’m a month late but let me inform you that Smod added pink fur! And blue fur!! This is amazing. I can finally die in peace. My pink aesthetic! Yes!


Ik I saw it on tumblr where you asked :stuck_out_tongue: Now Addie is gonna die :frowning: and that’ll be the end


I just need Mars and his abs and Faith in my life and I’m fine


What a mood


ye you tell ‘em sis.

gotta expand the Mars fanclub and enforce world domination



This is actually pretty cool! I’m pretty excited for this game. The characters are also very likeable, especially Camille :slight_smile:. I always love me some tsunderes.