Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



I am sorry forgive my ignorance and Thank you!!!:heart:


I loaded previous saves of the same playthrough and it’s still there,but I restarted and it never happened again,don’t know what triggered it
Btw,at the latest part I can only go with Camille(not I’m complaining :joy:),is it because the other routes not updated?


Its probably because the scenes have been edited since you made the save…or something like that. Idk how anything works

I’m re-writing FOS so that OLD, NASTY, GROSS, SMELLS LIKE A FOOT demo won’t be updated. When the new update comes out, it will have everything and more!


The new Demo is gonna be amazing because your writing is amazing :relaxed: also Insult your work again and perish :hocho:


Y’know your post was like a warm hug but then I read the spoiler and it felt like someone stabbed me, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this.


@Fay what do you mean? :frowning:

@Djone1 idk man I found five different typos, it’s wild


The ominous spoiler :eyes:

It went from this:

To this:


Cute at first, then it got threatening real fast boi


That should be my bio, but like I’m just trying to tell @smod that her work is amazing and that she better learn that she is loved and appreciated! or else :relaxed: also 5 typos isn’t bad you goof


soo what im hearing is it will be new, smells like a foot demo. We are strong smellers so maybe lemon scented foot?


Yeah, I got that.

I just thought it went from 0 to 100 real fast.


That image is perfect thank for for blessing us on this day Fay


I’m getting that picture framed thanks Fay for my life

Y’all are too nice I can only cry so much before dehydration gets me


Reward us with adorable foxes.


Wow! That pic is totally hilarious!!:rofl:It will be burned in my mind for quite some time I guess :sweat_smile:


Its literally 1 am where I am and I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself but I come with fey-fox art ;D

I was going to draw Mars but my hand didn’t want to work with me so I have my mc instead. I hope you like my offerings @smod UwU


@Delphi ahhhhhhhh!!! So beautiful :sob::sob:

Also to not post nothing I uploaded one of my scrapped openings to the rewrite! I…wrote a lot of openings. This one was the most interesting to post since it adds ~mystery~ I can post the rest if people want but they are scrapped for a reason


I revived myself because I saw an email update and yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh boiiiiiiiii

Also @smod the poll is still open for fav romance and rest in peace Sid :slight_smile: I assume the new romance option changes gender? Is that why there’s three of them?

And it’s late but @Djone1 happy birthday!


If I can, can I make a suggestion for the fox form thats either black or white fur with vermillion/red eyes.

I mean it won’t impact the game, but I thought it would be nice to have a few more options.


I think we have to keep fur color within the realm of possible fox colors (at least for mc Yoon is black fur red eyes because he’s not technically a fey-fox) also thank you @hachimachi (also yes the new Ro will switch to the readers preference, or randomize if your Bi also the middle one is just hood up female :stuck_out_tongue:)


ah, thanks for answering my q!

I did some deep diving and i’m ready to spill some facts and shitty theories

what the scrapped opening tells us
  • so obviously adelaide’s dad (the king of sunholt) is up to some shady biz
  • the sage regent must be someone important if the king of a whole kingdom feels embarrassed about yelling at him
  • the sage regent is sus too
  • the rot also appears on the world map, seems like some kind of earth infection. the old veil isn’t on the map but its safe to say that it’s probably by flowveil somewhere (where the rot is) although smod said the map isn’t accurate so maybe just disregard this whole point
  • addie’s father and the sage were doing some business with a fey, but are going to use Adelaide for their shady stuff now
  • so it begs the question: in the story, is addie being used or is she willingly going along with what ever plan her father and sage regent have come up with? will she betray us? or was she lied to? does she even know whats going on?
  • my bets on she’s being used too since her father didnt seem keen on letting people know what hed been up to. but smod said the angst of addie’s route is an 8 so maybe she does betray us damn
what we know about the 7th ro
  • they’re hot
  • they’re a fey (gryphon)
  • they are apparently more okay with an evil mc so they’re probably not that good themselves
  • scar on face
  • wears a hood
  • really theres nothing here but

will be back with more conspiracy theories stay tuned