Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



@Kanaya it was my bad! “Losing humanity” is a very vague thing to say, so I should have clarified better!

@Morphine yes, I did. It didn’t feel fair of me. It still is a game that focuses on the romance, you’ll miss a lot if you don’t romance anyone, but you get your own storyline and be able to play the game to the end. I’ll see after the writing is done if I can add more to the non-romance route so it feels as full as a regular route.

Also thank you @resuri08 and @Djone1 :smiley:

Hope you’re all having a good day!


hey guys

I wrote something incredibly dumb about Poppy’s backstory and all the other characters are there.


a dump of some visuals from tumblr

old inaccurate map, but gives good general idea

a look at the "top secret" 7th romance option

Mars's dumb face

and peace, hope you’re all well <3


gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp :open_mouth:


i wasnt, but after this i am :purple_heart::purple_heart:


:sob: Mars is so adorable and beautiful
Who drew him??


The very smod!


Me yesterday: no way, I’m already in love with Addy and Faith, I don’t want to have a 3rd route

Me today: there’s aaaalways place for one more cutie in mah hart <3


*Sees the 7th ro
*Insert squidwards “oh no theyre hoooot” meme.
Im sweating bullets for them wrow. :laughing:

Though do remind me again, that ro is “evil” route locked right?
Do they love our loss of humanity somehow? What an angst lord.


I will definitely romance the middle one if they let me try on their cool hood :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is this a bug?I can’t choose the first 4 options


I found this and it just made me think of how Adelaide would act with the mc lmao


This video brings me great joy, I thank you.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: That is exactly how I would be if I had a pet fox tbh also @impeccably-stressed I feel like this exactly how poppy would act in fox form


Them magic fingers drive all the MC’s wild.
(Eyy, happy birthday @Djone1 )


Facts, @smod that Adelaide is the best Mc petter (also thank you!)


I …have no idea why that is. I played through it and it worked fine :frowning: I also haven’t touched the files since the last update

No, they’re not locked to the ““evil””" route! As per the current plan, they’re just the only RO that you can romance if you go that way …per the current plan

T’was I.

@Djone1 HAPPPPPYYY BIRTHDAY!!! :tada::tada: do you want a b-day drawing? I can give u a b-day drawing

There’s a scene where the cast fights over who’s better at giving pets, so you can all take your pick then lmfao

Have a good day guys :sunglasses:


OMG THAT WOULD BE AMAZING YOU DONT HAVE TOO BUT I WOULD CRY IF YOU DID :sob::sob::sob::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


What would you like a drawing of? :slight_smile:


Mars, that’s all I want is just my boi feel free to do anything you want past that though thank you so much ;-; (If you post it on tumblr, which feel free to do btw, tag balloon-mom that’s me)