Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



I will be happy as long as adelaide stays the same and same with our spirit buddy they are my top 2 favorites




Aw heck no i just angsted myself into a pit.
Having our ro see us slowly lose our humanity (tail gaining) must be heart breaking.

“What happened to you Mc?”

“I “grew up” is all.”



just like when sam died in i am legend.
it just hurts


Actually how would these two react to a mc with more than one tail?


hey all! I’m back with more fanart pls ignore the fact that it’s three in the morning

one trash foxgirl + one grumpy knight = one goode boye named
[ E N G A G E G H I B L I ]
(not pictured: Mars and Poppy’s sixteen cats, twelve dogs, and a single hateful parrot that shouts...

pls say hello to Ares, a Studio Ghibli protagonist Mars’ canon son.
This version of Ares inherited his mother Poppy’s eyes. Luckily he didn’t inherit anything else, like her tendency to lick pretty rocks, sniff people at close quarters, or her shamelessness regarding nudity…I mean, eventually he’ll get over those things, but right now he’s a toddler and does all of them.





Shouldn’t the charisma hit only effect human characters/NPCs and make you be more respected by others Foxes :fox_face:


I’ll be honest, the disapproval of my fictional friends is enough to keep me from maxing out my fey fox powers :woman_facepalming:


Why would people dislike you for going for 9 tails? Did i miss something??

EDIT : I’m going to be honest, having scrolled up and reading on what I missed. Giving such severe negatives to going for a 9 tail awakening route seems REALLY extreme.


Not really when you get immortality and almost godlike power.
On the Tumblr the more tails you get the more Fey and less human you become and Fey are emotionless and don’t give a shit. Apparently you have to sacrifice friends, families and innocents.
Basically it’s an Evil route if you don’t care about relationships. Why would anyone like you if your doing evil shit like this it makes sense for the relationships to take a large hit.

@rachelamber You explained it better than I could :smiley:


Hmm, may have messed up the link thingy, but this ask may help explain. :slight_smile:

Based off the lore we’ve learned about, the trade off seems pretty fair to me.

You’re basically trading humanity for power.

It sounds like it took a long time (like centuries or decades) for the fey to gradually lose the spiritual connection and develop more human emotions/qualities, so it makes sense the reverse would happen to the MC as tails are gained.

I also think the major consequences underscores how important a choice it is. The MC would kind of be undoing what the average fey has become by gaining all 9 tails.

Edit: Ninja-ed by @No_This_Is_Patrick .:smile: Lol, but I’ll leave my reasoning just in case.


Haha I should have clarified that in fiction, the issue is “becoming more Fey” really just means losing your ability for remorse and empathy (and emotion in general)…which you can understand a lot of people are against.

Of course, for the game, this won’t happen to the MC at such a level…because then you would be playing what is essentially a psychopath and I doubt any of the ROs would be fine with that, especially having known you prior. Some negative reaction comes from people THINKING the MC is now this monster, when in actual they have retianed most of their humanity at the cost of not having as much power as a pure nine-tailed Fey (though you still have nine-tails). It is an idea that understandably makes a lot of people very anxious.

For the most part, the option just adds a different flavor to your play through; which you may or may not like. It makes the game a little more angsty. If you choose to have children, you struggle a little with empathizing with them. I can’t say what is final yet, but it may also make the game more challenging.

Adelaide is the most concerned about it out of the characters. She knows a thing or two about people who show little remorse and she doesn’t like them (you can still romance her with 9 tails) Spirit-boy is excited about the change, because it means you two can connect on a higher level.

@impeccably-stressed :sob::sob::sob: I said this on tumblr but idk I love ur art and LOOK AT HIM!!! SO CUTE!!!

:pray:I’m the same

Thank you @No_This_Is_Patrick and @rachelamber ( :sob: ) , you’re both right. Although it’s not exactly an evil route, because then you’d be locked out of romancing all the ROs, which are good-goobers. I say not exactly because there are plans to add an evil route, and a secret RO, that might just be okay with your a turn to the dark. (And of course an evil route with no RO, if you want)

EDIT: let me clarify that if there is an “evil” route, it won’t be pure evil, because that would destroy a lot of the points of the game.


Vro, who needs friends when you have god-like powers?

And with these powers I can finally throw Mars out of this solar system :smirk:


He is amazing


Sneaks over to mars and hovers finger over mars Sleeping nose :smiling_imp:


Sets off wards and is inecerated
Magic is not suppose to be fair and neither am i


NOOOO MY BOOP!..Crumples to floor oowww what a world…and scene luckily im a Fox and now a very Hot fox :smirk: ive learned my lesson ill go bother cammy and addy for a while while i lick my fur…meanie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This sounds much better than what I initially got from what you said. Thanks for the clarification.


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