Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



And the MC is in fox form.

And they’re chasing each other’s tails.

Try to change my mind, but that is the ultimate, purest, wholesome scene



Awww that is soo cute
(Im prob gonna spend next 30 mins just watching gif)


Would this change your mind Fay?

Fox%20and%20Cat Cat%20and%20Fox


Is that possibly Mars’ cat and the MC?


100% lol, that could be a cute scene idea though, if your romancing (or are just best friends with) Mars you just get to hang with his cat.


Whats funny is that i got into an old webcomic, Ozy and Millie, and it also involves foxes.


For the rewrite I would enjoy more customization and a stat that affects your Fox form (more tails) or for your higher stats to affect it in some way. Like strength could make it bigger or magic could make runes appear on your fur. Lots of fun so far and good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


Isn’t the tails thing a sign of how long a Kitsune has been alive? I’m pretty sure we’re not old enough to have more than one :thinking:


If I remember right, a kitsune gets a tail every 100 years at least 9 times. And the more tails they have, they get stronger with their abilities.


When they get their ninth tail by reaching 1000 years of age they become godlike beings.


Depend on the myth, the legend and the religion associated with them

for exemple, in one version, Kitsune are natural spirit (who have only 1 tail) while there is a unique nine tailed Kitsune demon who is unrelated to them

in another version, instead of natural spirit, they are just very old foxs (or just special fox)

there are tons of version, just like for the Kappa


casually points to the tumblr Number of tails in the game doesn’t seem like it’s going to be entirely linked to how long a fey-fox has lived. Yoon has 4 tails and is only like, 80 years old.


I can answer the bit about the tails! Fey-foxes (which are different from Kitsune and Kumiho and etc) earn their tails in a different way.

Technically Kitsune are fey-foxes, but they have different abilities, and come from a different culture—so they have their own classification. They do get their tails like the myth, with age. Kumiho get their tails through experiencing a strong emotional event OR through eating souls, which is something only Kumiho can do. How the MC gets their tails is a …secret :wink: but you can get all 9 in game if you want, there are pros and cons to it.

Also yes, there will be FAR more customization coming. Including ELEMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS (wow) And I see what you are all saying about the animals, and :dancer:

There’s some new stuff up on the tumblr, once something is “official” (news-wise) I’ll drop it in here too :smiley:


Can you list some pros and cons?


Wow all those stats variables! How much are they going to affect dialogue and interaction with the npcs? It seems like a heck of a lot! (Mad props to ya smod!)


Pros: POWERRRRRR. Connection to the Fey and Spirit realms. Game-wise this means you get a lot of different scenes, and different ways to approach a problem.

Neutral: immortality (you get a different ending/epilogue)

Con: loss of humanity. Realationships take a hit and even NPCs like you less. Have a hard time relating to other characters and your charisma stat drops to a permanent 0.

…all subject to change of course. I’m trying to balance both sides.

Ajdhkanslasja don’t mad props me! I was trying to get rid of some lmfao as I’m testing it now, 90% of what the MC says checks a personality variable. I want to have it so that, if you’re playing a flirtatious character (for example), you can get different scenes with the ROs. I’m trying my best to give each MC the feeling of being unique.

But yeah, they’re probably be much less than that! I just need to find the traits that actually add an impact and use those


Literally no drawbacks


Is also what I was thinking :thinking: if I come up with something better than “characters dislike you” I’ll mention it but right now that’s all I got as an explicit, non-spoiler con. I don’t want people who choose not to go for all nine tails to feel like they got the short stick.

Also add “bad-ass” to the pro side, because come on


Hunted for your tails the more you have the rarer.
Madness of the old ones…
Hibernation and laziness tests periodically. (With power comes Boredom)

Power pluses
Everything is easer with tail
Add descriptor flair to actions…


Some ros should like you more like the other one