Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



Amazing can’t wait for the full thing one day


HEY YALL. thanks for keeping active here love u all smooch smooch I have news

I’ve been re-writting and revamping the demo (which was my very crappy first draft but the people deserve better, better I say!) so that’s what’s been up. New features will be added, dialogue and scenes will be re-done. Everything will be better and spicy. I left an ominous SOON message on the tumblr because SOON is truly all I can say for when the new version will be out!

Now would be a great time to hit me with your suggestions/requests/ideas/desires for the game :slight_smile: here or on tumblr works! there’s also a snazzy new logo, which may or may not be the final version of the game logo idk

hope you’re all having a great day!


@smod A request:

A dog.

Not a dog companion.
Not a dog enemy.
Just a scene where the MC notices a happy looking dog across the street, and a choice that lets us run through traffic to scritch behind his ears and tell him he’s a goode boi before we’re dragged away back to the plot.

That is all.

P.S. I’m sure the revamp is gonna be great, and I can’t wait for the update. Just don’t push yourself, I think everyone wants you to have as much fun writing this as we do playing this.

And say hi to your dog for me! :dog:


Not sure it is planned or not, but it is possible to add clothing choice?


i second that

That scene in the cave, fighting the spiders, can we fully transform? If no, why?

Also are there choicespecific remarks, checks or something likev that?
Such as, black fur is better to sneak around in the night whereas white fur would make you stand out.
Or it is harder to make a swift move with a heavy weapon?
Or if mc is orange someone would say they look just like a normal fox.

or,in the case you add this :point_up: clothing thing, someone would say that a naked mc has no shame, it would also be a problem later in the cave.



More magic and mars that’d all I can ever ask for


100% agree



On a serious note @smod I will happily enjoy any story you write as you are a fantastic author and I love the world you have built and the characters, so don’t stress you’re self out to much to make it perfect on the first technically the second try, that’s what we’re here for! happy writing! :heart:Or more realistically don’t cry to much while you are writing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can’t wait can’t wait!!


Sine you’re taking suggestions, i mean cough More Sid, maybeespecially drunk Sid ? Oh and more opportunities to baby my sons, Mars and the spirit OwO belly rubs in fox form?

Sorry, you were probably looking for serious answers XD

I like the clothing idea people are throwing around.

I’m more of a cat person but yes a good doggo to give belly rubs and head scritches to would be adorable


Could we maybe get something where we partially turn into a fox with a human body but with a tail or fox ears on top :stuck_out_tongue: and maybe some more fur colors


What if the animal we see is a choice? Your MC could either see a doggo or kitty or even a birb! :smiley:


…That was crappy?


Yay! Im always happy for more content for a wip I adore. (Not at the expense of the author though, so take your time!)

Also Carson, these wips aren’t made by a team of paid professionals. Its more of a hobby with potential for publishing. I would advise against treating it as such and pushing the author for updates.


So kinda like Holo from spice and wolf?, Also i think Smod is adding more customization as well.


Dang now can’t wait again :persevere:


What got you to make fox of sunholt


And the MC is in fox form.

And they’re chasing each other’s tails.

Try to change my mind, but that is the ultimate, purest, wholesome scene



Awww that is soo cute
(Im prob gonna spend next 30 mins just watching gif)


Would this change your mind Fay?

Fox%20and%20Cat Cat%20and%20Fox