Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



get neither



hearts how old are you?


21 i guess. Maybe 2



where has smod been?


Hard at work making the update and also doing a lot of drawings and updates on the tumblr.


I don’t know how that works either… Just borrowed it from pop culture references in tv shows…


Imagine if we used claws as our weapon, we instead use a Freddy Krueger glove.


I know that Smod is busy, but does that stop us from having a…
Jenga Party?


Ahhh, looking forward to this! I can’t pick a favorite RO yet but all the characters seem great >_< Group shenanigans, here we go!! :laughing: Also excited to see the conflict between the MC and their uncle, and how that’ll pan out depending on our choices, hehe!


But what about…having jenga as a weapon ? :eyes:



(20 character)


Hey, that’s my line.


I would love to pick my coloration for my human form.


I’m so bored rn, where’d everyone go? Did they… no they couldn’t have… gotten a life?!


I sure have not, just something else to do


Ive been reading monster musume of all things. And i liked it for the most part, and thats coming from someone who isn’t a fan of harem and ecchi.
also I’ve been making masks.


Whats that, exactly? Is it tasty?



life is getting farted on by a boston terrier who likes coffee gum.


Last I checked: it tastes disgusting but it does not kill at once… It needs decades to kill someone


This is my current google profile pic. i have no life