Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



caught a few typos


i think you meant simply?


i think it should be friend

your tone

you raise

the fresh smell

i think it should be plates to eat on them

it’s something

perhaps it should be just bath to get into, without you?

this one just seems strange

grammar is hard for me, but i think it should be there are new scars since “scars” is plural but i can be wrong???

packless, perhaps? but once again, i can be wrong

shouldn’t it be shatter?

seems like you accidentally typed as you twice

you breathe out, no?

that’s why

to be a part of it

set everyone on fire, this “one” part seems extra

once again, grammar is hard, but i believe it should be this was the first time

cuts leave scars

when you trot back


Love love this story ! But…question :


when you meet back with everyone . I can’t choose ‘Adelaide and Mars’ . That normal?
Mind you , I love camille like hell!

And it’s hilarious! seriously , love it for being so funny . :hugs:


Mars and Addie scene is not written yet


ohh! thanx! was wondering if I was doing something wrong! :sweat_smile:


What happened while I was gone?!


nothin’ much. we’re all pretty much waiting for the next update.

in the meantime, here’s a shitty comic i drew slightly based off of one of smod’s answers.





What happened to the update that was supposed to happen on April 10th? Did it happen, Bc it says it didn’t on mine.


Also nice comic :wink: (20)


oh no, the update was pushed back. no idea when but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

and thank you! :blush:


the dangers of born pink hair children …they become Main characters.


hahahaha thats my puppy every damn morning! :joy:


Name: Lex
Height: 5’7
Looks: Long, wild orange hair, large brown eyes, somewhat toned, lightly tanned skin covered in freckles. Tries to dress nicely, but casually.
Weapon: ~Magic~
Positive Traits: Friendly, Mature, Affectionate, Open
Negative Traits: Clumsy, Book dumb
Neutral Trait(s): Passive, Emotional
Fear(s): Thunder Storms
Favorite Color: Yellow/Gold
RO: Camille


Name: Sage
Height: 5’4
Looks: Medium/short wavy black hair, vibrant yellow eyes, athletic, medium/dark skin, two facial scars, one right arm scar. Always dresses like she’s ready for a fight. (Because she is.)
Weapon: Longsword
Positive Traits: Fearless, Skilled, Resourceful
Negative Traits: Egotistical, Self-conscious, Hot-tempered
Neutral Trait(s): Flirty
Fear(s): Drowning
Favorite Color: Purple
RO: Faith


I don’t feel like drawing Zig again yet, but here’s her thingy-what.
Name: Zig
Height: 5’5
Looks: Short white hair, striking blue eyes, slim, pale skin. She usually wears the loosest clothing she can, as it’s more convenient if she needs to go Fae fox.
Weapon: Dual Daggers
Positive Traits: Protective, Warm, Loyal
Negative Traits: Anxious, Clingy, Insecure
Neutral Trait(s): Shy
Fear(s): Abandonment, inadequacy
Favorite Color: Blue
RO: Adelaide


My lovely friend Lincken from Discord drew my MC Rose as a fox.

Even tho it looks more like a wolf, I swear, It’s a fox. Or that’s at least what Lincken said

She’s not actually pink/purple in fox form, Lincken just colored her this way because aesthetics.

I love my friend so much his art is amazing.


Anyone up for some jenga while we wait? I’m dying over here. : (




Zig: So what game are we playing?
Lex: Jenga.
Zig: confused head tilt What is a Jenga?
Lex: You take a wooden block off the tower without knocking it over. The one who knocks it over loses.
Sage: tch That’s it?
Lex: Yep, that’s it! :relaxed:
Sage: Sounds boring but fine.

Sage: !!! Shit!
Lex: Heh, looks like I won.
Sage: BULLSHIT! THIS GAME IS RIGGED! flings blocks across the room in fury
Lex: sighs and shakes her head
Zig: …um…go fish?


Zandra: Are we flinging wooden blocks across the room? THAT’S MY FAVORITE GAME!


I’m back guys!! Wait… where is everyone??


Waiting patiently for the update. :slight_smile:


Playing Jenga…



Can’t speak for everyone but I’m hiding from the cold under my blanket with my cat and a bottle of wine also playing skyrim and binging on Brooklyn 99 while waiting for updates lmao x’D