Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



Don’t forget the rock children!! They’re so easy to care for. I love them.

Exactly how many cat children can we adopt with Mars? no pressure, but if it’s anything less than three trillion I will cry…no pressure.

Also dogs.
Poppy’s children deserve a secondary protector who won’t knock the baby food on the counter over for fun.


WE can have a dog? :star_struck:
ILL call her 3 :hugs:


i want an aussie. there better be aussies or else

  1. How close are Faith and Yoon? Would having a negative relationship with one impact the other?

  2. There was a bit on tumblr about romance points. IMO both the flustered and confident flirt options should raise the romance stat equally so stat conscious people don’t feel like they need to romance a character a specific way to get more points.

  3. Would you consider a more neutral flirting response? I think there’s just bold/confident and and shy/awkward (haven’t replayed in a bit). So what about an in-between?


Personally I’d rather have an in denial romance response. Kinda like Camille. I don’t care (Even though I totally do pls love me) type thing.


Agreed. Personally i dont care. I think it gives abit more depth to them, but its a hard to decide my opnion about. Do they have different reactions to each approach?

Like this?


" I love u"
"Do you love me?"
"U listening?"
she glares at you
"Jerk." she said and went to sleep
You stare her for some time. Listening to her breath. Sometimes soft, sometimes deep, sweet and long. There is something comforting about it.
"Yeah. I think i love you too" You mutter a little too loud.
"say something?" she asks drowsily
"No. Go back to sleep."


I agree with this if the author is up for it because it feels like I have to play a certain type MC just to get the attention of a targetted RO.

It would be nice to see a varied scene for each approach. TWC was able to pulled this off though it will need hard work and dedication to do this throughout.


@smod mentioned on tumblr that Faith (for example) would intially react more positively to a shy/easily flustered MC, but that it would level off eventually, as a more forward MC would still be able to receive the same amount of points by the end.

At least that’s the plan. She’s still tinkering with it so things could change.


I guess we have to wait and see how this will pan out. So far, Yoon is my favorite so far, Mars is adorable as well…


Yep! As already said it’s something I’m tinkering with. I’d really like for players to be able to take different approaches to the romance (at least initially). So far I’ve only put in the very flirty vs the shy apprach, but the plan is to have a full variety (that would actually lead to different scenes, rather than just your character saying something and then the rest if the scene is the same regardless)

I might get rid of the relationship bars entirely and use a method less likely to make people feel like they need to act a certain way for each RO. They do have preferences, but in the end it doesn’t matter which approach you take. The points will level out, as you find that Flirty MC get different scenes that’ll yield the points that you “missed” by not picking the shy option to start.

The goal is to have each approach bring a different dynamic to the initial romance. And in no way is one better than the other.

I don’t want players to feel like they need their characters to act a certain way, or to worry about picking the “right” option. So I’m playing around with it and trying to find the best way to do this. I’ll be doing major rewrites when chapter 2 is done (it’s currently 20,000 words, and ill update the demo once I’ve written Mars and Adelaide’s inn scenes).

And you do get dogs if you want them!

EDIT: and yes, you can get cats too lmfao


validate me

Poppy: Mars, you need to help me keep the cat off the table.

Mars: [squishing the cat’s face] But he’s so cute!

Poppy: Mars, our son is starving.


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Also, why are you so adorable? If we could just like you in general you’d be the most liked person here based on cuteness alone.

And since everybody now knows what type of personality I like… anybody care to guess which RO I like best?


The Honey Princess??? :sunny: I mean, she definitely seems like a ray of sunshine.

Personally, Camille is my fave (love the angst associated with ROs not really acknowledging their feelings), but Addy is cute.


Are you telling me that… Rose’s precious son Aries can have pink hair?


ok that has to happen



(20 ~mysterious~ characters)


Now I’m going to have to get pink hair so I can have some cute pink hair kids.


Pink-haired MCs ftw

Rare picture of a pink sleek doggo A.K.A my MC Rose in fox form


I’m just joking this photo is photoshopped pls dont sue me PETA