Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



um, excuse you, but Sid is Cyborg Sidborg

He’s the biggest one outta all of them, he has a cool ship/car, and he has hidden depths and also I love him and want to see him prosper.

And I’m still in the fence about BB.
It’s either the MC or Giant Flirt™ Yoon.

And then there’s Faith…Jynx???

Well, the poppies that I know best are actually orange rather than red (California~ woot woot), so it seemed to fit better. And I don’t know any other orange flowers that have pretty names.

But anyway, by far my the biggest reason is because…


Is anyone sick of me yet, lmao? I’m joining the MC Show & Tell bandwagon. Here’s my baby boy Robin.
He’s the type of person who would know way too many vines by heart and quote Drag Race all the time tbh. He acts like an idiot but deep down he’s intelligent… will strip naked and climb up into the trees to stargaze and quote Shakespeare and gorge on candy, poor boy, he just likes to be silly but will definitely mature with age and become more serious. Also he’s a helpless romantic, god help him when Yoon writes poetry for him; he will melt and then try to upstage Yoon by making something more romantic. It would be a terrible cycle someone stop them lmao
Doesn’t have as many issues as some of my other MCs but he definitely bottles things up and doesn’t like to talk about his nightmares/trauma :cry:
I’m sorry I love him and could talk about him for ages


love to see the beautiful MCs always

and since I started drawing some MCs on tumblr as a thank you, I quickly sketched out some of the ones here too


Yes you will!

and also here are the planned hair colors

and the eyes colors are here
if you can think of anything else, let me know!


Ayy you actually included pink

Time to create my Faith clone


oh hey, what about light blue hair?

also i didn’t know my boi mars’ hair was blue, i just thought it was blue-black


If the mcs hair is green, would the fox fur be the same colour, cause like… idk… that’d be hilarious, a bright green or pink fox running around the place xD


no, the hair and eye color are separate from their fox forms.


Done! Added light blue :slight_smile:

It is a blue-black but i used the same tone I just used for Mars’s hair for the blue in the image

Oop sorry i forgot to say that these options are separate. Your choices for fur and eye colour in fox form are restricted, you can say that they are the same in human form (in which case all those hair and eye options won’t matter) or you can say it is not (and then pick some snazzy hair and eye options which will be inherited by biological children should you choose to have them)


aw snaps, then i guess this means Poppy can’t have blue eyes but have orange fur in fox form?

oh well, she’ll still look cute!


O.O Purple head toddlers? Color me excited.


Actually now that you mention that it doesn’t seem too hard to have fur choice and eye color choice be separate (just restricted to natural colors)

For some reason that didn’t even cross my mind. I’ll have to test this out too!


yes pls


I really want to post art of my MC but I’m too insecure and the only time I actually posted some of my art was when I tried to draw my COTG mc

So I colored in some line art and the results are kind of… decent?

This is my MC Rose thank you Smod for adding pink hair in the game ily

Not my line art, I just colored it. This wonderul line art is made by Komorinight on DeviantArt

Edit: Messed around with a new program and the results looked way better so I updated the image.


Would be able to adopt if we’re a gay couple???,


If I remember correctly, there’s actually magic that lets you have biological kids!! :smiley:


Like Aphrodite and Adonis’ mom?


m a g i c


Man, the people who know Greek mythology but haven’t played Children of the Gods are going to be so confused by your comment, lol.


Would Camille or the mc cast it then?


This, my son. (fatherpersonality = true)



No, it’s a different branch of magic! There’s a sort of fertility clinic/nursery in Sunholt that has people who know how to do it.

Also yeah, regardless of your gender, you can choose to adopt or have biological children.

You can also choose to have no children at all, and there’s no penalty for that :slight_smile: (although i do think Camille gets a snake in the alternative path so i guess you end up with a snake son)