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And an avid Michael Jackson fan I deduce…

The GoT has poisoned your minds, doctor prescribes 4 weekly church visits…


I thought about that! Because it’d be nice if the height differences could be mentioned. It probably won’t happen though, because I can’t think of a way to do it that I would be satisfied with

…you want…to romance…the parents?

a dump of some of the art from tumblr



I just realized…Mars’ dad…looks like Slade…

Mars kinda look like Robin

oh no, I’m reverting to my childhood fandoms again

save me


Why, when said fandoms are awesome?^^

Mind you, the name and memories have become somewhat…soured by That-Show-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named.


While I’m not sure exactly what a choice like this would need to be satisfying, I can take a shot at it?

It would probably be least intrusive (immersion-breaking?) to ask how tall our MCs are in comparison to Adelaide, Camille, et al. after we first return to our human shape, and can look at them eye-to-eye. Asking for an explicit number would just be weird. Sure, such a number could be used “behind the scenes,” as it were, but players don’t need to see or interact with it directly. At all. And a number isn’t even be necessary when a string variable check like *if height = "very short" is so easy.

After all, scenes about kisses on tippy-toes can’t involve our MCs unless the game has a way of knowing how tall our MCs are!

So a game that includes something like this:


...could be coded with explicit height measurements (that players never see) like this:
You look at these people, and…
	#You're taller than all four of them.
		*set height_centimeters 195
		*comment Approximately 76.77 inches (rounds up to 6'5"). Huge!
	#You're taller than three of them, but shorter than Sid.
		*set height_centimeters 180
		*comment Approximately 70.87 inches (call it 5'11").
	#You're clearly taller than Adelaide and shorter than Sid, though Camille and Mars just about match your height.
		*set height_centimeters 175
		*comment Approximately 68.90 inches (another for the 5'9" pile!). Splits the difference between Camille and Mars, if only barely: 174.9, 175, and 175.2 lol
	#You're taller than Adelaide... but shorter than the other three.
		*set height_centimeters 165
		*comment Approximately 64.96 inches (call it 5'5").
	#You're shorter than all four of them.
		*set height_centimeters 150
		*comment Approximately 59.05 inches (almost exactly 4'11"). Tiny!

An inches version would work the exact same way, though the specific numbers would be different. It might start like this:

	#You're taller than all four of them.
		*set height_inches 77
		*set height_feet_words "six feet, five inches"
		*set height_feet_numbers "6'5\""

Note that the backslash is critical to get ${height_feet_numbers} to display as 6’5" instead of 6’5. It’s an escape character that allows one of the quotation marks to be treated as text, even though it’s inside a variable’s content. Normally, a quotation mark in that position would be treated as code, to mark the end of the variable’s content. The backslash lets us change that.

...or it could be coded with words describing relative height like this:
You look at these people, and…
	#You're taller than all four of them.
		*set height_rank_words "tallest"
	#You're taller than three of them, but shorter than Sid.
		*set height_rank_words "tall"
	#You're clearly taller than Adelaide and shorter than Sid, though Camille and Mars just about match your height.
		*set height_rank_words "median"
	#You're taller than Adelaide... but shorter than the other three.
		*set height_rank_words "short"
	#You're shorter than all four of them.
		*set height_rank_words "shortest"
...or it could even be coded by numbering the relative heights for use with the multireplace operator like this:
You look at these people, and…
	#You're taller than all four of them.
		*set height_rank_numbers 1
	#You're taller than three of them, but shorter than Sid.
		*set height_rank_numbers 2
	#You're clearly taller than Adelaide and shorter than Sid, though Camille and Mars just about match your height.
		*set height_rank_numbers 3
	#You're taller than Adelaide... but shorter than the other three.
		*set height_rank_numbers 4
	#You're shorter than all four of them.
		*set height_rank_numbers 5

This enables multireplace for things like: You could @{height_rank_numbers rest your arm on the top of Adelaide's head|rest your chin on the top of Adelaide's head|kiss Adelaide on her forehead|kiss Adelaide on the nose|kiss Adelaide on the neck} while you both stand normally.

With the exception of the height that splits the difference between Mars and Camille, all the possible MC heights in my examples could be adjusted up or down quite readily. And of course, there’s no reason for the code to use a variable with a complicated name. Simply calling it “height” should be fine! My examples use more complex names purely so it’s easier to read them and see what I’m doing with them.

It’s technically possible to let players manually type their desired heights, in the players’ choice of metric or imperial, but I very strongly recommend against it. Mostly because that kind of choice is pretty awkward to read, to the point it may even derail the narrative! It’s also a bit more annoying to code, although I slapped together a functional version for grins and giggles while I was composing this reply, so it’s not impossible. The possibility of act doesn’t overcome the “Why would you DO that?” factor, however.

Of course, if there’s no part of the game where a height-setting choice could reasonably substitute for a *page_break, this is all for naught.


What can I say, I like 'em older!


I mean…Yoon is old… but i guess if you want some variety…


which one? which comic? which cartoon?


Supposing we are shortest, would someone like Sid ( Faith? Maybe Camile?) call us midget? Teasingly, annoyingly( this an actual word?)
Also in the event we are tallest, should we tease Adelaide or MArs ( I guess their scenes would the funniest? Mostly Mars’ ?) how would they react?




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You like Yoon? Why? He uses mind-benting magic to force you to confess the darkest aspects of yourself. Sure, he has his charm and his abilities are curious, but I wouldn’t trust him for a moment. It is why I take issue with the scene where we sit with him and Faith in that tavern. No way in all the hells would I sit with that guy; he would probably spike my drink with something. :persevere:


You know how some people like their bad boys type at least in fiction. I am looking forward to his romance myself. XD


I hope not, that’s not a word to use in jest.

Not trying to be rude, I do think height based teasing is cute if a different word is used.


I just mean he fits the general description for Dick Grayson—but then coupled with a dad looks like Slade and oof my appreciation for the Apprentice arc has been revived in the Lazarus PIt.

but back on topic:

Though I would appreciate it greatly, I’d be alright not choosing the MC’s height no matter how much I want the narrative to explicitly mention Poppy has to get on her tippy toes to kiss Mars


@minnow that’s certainly more an in-depth response than I figured I’d get! Thank you for doing all that! I did figure putting something like that in, but it may have been the way I wrote it because it came off very awkward to me. You’d have to define your height against Faith and Yoon as well…but I don’t know. I’ll mark the idea down and see how I can make it work in a way that fits the narrative flow. If a lot of people would like to define their character’s heights, I can start testing it now. I have a super secret focus group of people whose opinions I trust and I force them to test little things like this for me usually lol

No they do not, or would not, or ever will. Other terms may be used, if the height thing works out. But most of the ROs don’t really care about height in the first place

You’d probably make poor Mars cry lol HE WANTS TO BE THE TALLEST OF THEM ALL

That part of chapter two is in dire need of a re-write, there will be options to define how you feel about Yoon and decline his offer to let him hang out with you at the tavern. Of course, he still uses his magic to force the MC to confess something very personal. His arc is very related to his skewed morals. He’d never drug the MC though!

Mars does kind of look like Robin, doesn’t he?


nevermind. I had an epiphany about how to make the height thing work. it’s happening.

also for anyone else interested in options to be added to the game concerning character defining

you will be able to choose hair and eye color (separate from your fox form, or you can choose to have it be the same) initially I steered away from this simply because i never know what hair/eye color I want to pick until I’m half-way done the game but I realized if you’re having biological children, they should inherit some physical features from you! will this be edited into the WIP idk but beta version will be blessed with it

and because i forgot to say it before: hope you’re all having a wonderful day !!


[urge to draw intensifies]


Medieval robin sidekicking for a warrior princess
And a amateur magician


And then there’s the big guy with a cool car/ship

and then idk where the MC and Faith fit in


Will we meet Faith in a different way, since Yoon’s the one who introduces us?


So, since my Zig’s gone through quite a few changes since last I drew her, I drew her again. Here she is after realizing she slept naked with Addy~ :heart:

She’s still an energetic goofball but she’s also hella insecure, and rather shy, in the right situation. Such as accidentally sleeping naked with a very pretty princess.
She’s rather short, 5’3issssssssssh…ish.
Fun fact: I headcannon her wearing the loosest clothing possible because it’s easier to get out of…uh…in fox form…