Fox of Sunholt (WIP)



oooooh…not even the government would get between me and mars…that pic is worth breaking laws :sunglasses:


Still waiting for more addie~~


How dare you insult my waifu!
Looks like we’ll have to settle this south Carolina style
starts slapping frantically




I’m reviving the thread w my bad fanart whoops :upside_down_face:
Well welcome to forestnymph’s second attempt at drawing Yoon… better than the first doodle but he looks too soft :persevere: I am incapable of drawing anything other than soft boys, it’s a struggle
Anyway, I hope our dear author is okay, last time we heard from them they had gotten sick :slightly_frowning_face: feel better, Smod!



where is this bad fan art you speak of?


all the beautiful art fuels me. i staple it to my body and scream my love for it at strangers in the street. i may have been put on a list, but i bet it’s a list of people WHO LOVE YOUR GREAT ART

also yes, i ate some bad takeout and had…issues. I am better now, after googling what I should be eating instead of stuffing everything into my mouth. BUT MY PERSONAL FOOD STRUGGLES ASIDE

the update will be out this week. Camille and Sid’s scenes are 100% done, Mars is at 50% and Adelaide’s is somewhat written but not in the game. Each scene is about 5,000 words (including branching dialogue and choices). Which means you can expect the next update to be somewhere around an extra 15,000 words.

Hope you’re all well!




Only option allowed for me, all other options my finger refuses to click on…it must be possessed.

takes stapler hands roll of duct tape
Remember to reach more people stand on a car and project from your diaphragm everyone will hear you then…and possibly be wary of you but no matter.
Will enjoy future update I predict


I wonder if Mars and Camille will try to protect Adelaide from the MC’s




we should really consider making a separate art thread for all this fanart we’re producing

oh hey look i made a fanart of my MC, Poppy!


Poppy is cheerful, mildly outgoing (once she knows you won’t hurt her), likes to steal shiny things, and is in desperate need of a spa day.

Her mother named her after the orange poppy flowers (the kind that I, a Californian, am most familiar with) that grew around their house when she was born.

Poppy wears her mother’s blue amber pendant, the last thing she still owns from before her time on the run.

The plan is that Poppy will romance Mars and the two will be Extra Virgin™ because neither knows what to do, but somehow they’ll manage (to everyone’s horror) to have thirty kids and thirty cats and maybe thirty dogs? idk i haven’t thought that far ahead, but rest assured that they will adopt every stray animal (human or otherwise) that just sorta…wanders into their house and never leaves and it will be beautiful


@ElvesForTheWin This forum isn’t big enough for two elf fanatics!!


I`m on Team Mars (oops) :tada::heart:


…the…the dead one?


Let’s join forces to stomp out the non-believers

Don’t you mean Team Mars? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s ok mythology isn’t most elf’s strong suit’s
Trees and bows seem to be though…:sweat_smile:

Edit: Team Share the Love!


Since you already have the characters’ heights in mind, what if we could pick our MCs height? Not entirely sure how it would work… just an idea.

In regards to the RO’s parent pictures that have been posted on your tumblr… What if we decide to romance them instead :smirk:
Or we can try and be rejected hardcore. That would be fun too.


Haha! I am the superior Elf! mystical victory dance


I am a dragon…a famous and recognised mythology figure with a large history